The 2020 Tour de Meeker has been cancelled.
We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you in 2021

Tour de Meeker returns to Litchfield and Meeker County on Saturday, July 18, 2020. The event features five different ride distances – 5 miles to 62 miles – all designed to help participants take in the beauty of Litchfield and Meeker County. The 5-mile ride is perfect for families and takes riders around beautiful Lake Ripley located at the heart of our host city.

The longer routes (15, 25, 50 and 62 miles) take riders south to Lake Minnie Belle and then move east and north to the communities of Darwin and Dassel. Rest stops are available on the 25, 50 and 62-mile rides and offer participants an opportunity to explore unique attractions in Meeker County including the World’s Largest Twine Ball and the Dassel History Center and Ergot Museum.

With all routes starting and ending in beautiful Litchfield, MN – just a 75-minute ride west of the Twin Cities – the Tour de Meeker is the perfect opportunity to come explore this beautiful part of our state.
Come ride in beautiful Meeker County. Come ride for fun. Come ride to make a difference. Register online today at

Tour de Meeker is a charity ride with all proceeds benefiting Meeker Memorial Hospital