1. You can ride at the time that you want to, within the 7-day riding period.
2. A chance to ride a route that might be new to you, offering variety to your routine.
3. The ride won’t be cancelled due to weather. Just pick another start time if it rains.
4. You can beat the heat or wind somedays by starting early.
5. You don’t have to rush and scramble to make a ride start.
6. Someone who leads rides has figured out a route for you to try.
7. You are able to ride a route that might have only been led at a Ride Category more challenging than you’re interested in.
8. You have the opportunity to do a ride that previously would not have fit into your schedule.
9. You can get mileage credit and insurance coverage.
10. You don’t have to worry about getting dropped!

Bonus: It’s a good excuse to buy that GPS computer you have been thinking about.