Starting on June 14th TCBC began a solo ride program to provide members with a RWGPS link, map and cue sheet for pre-ridden routes that offered club insurance and TCBC mileage credit. Through August we have offered a total of 149 scheduled rides which have been ridden by 118 different members. This has resulted in 1,793 registered riders completing a total of 64,508 miles ridden. As of September 1st, we have trained a total of 19 TCBC ride leaders to lead solo rides. Here is a breakdown of riders/rides per month.


Average number of rides offered/week = 9

Average riders/ride = 17

Unique riders = 92

Total miles ridden = 13,312


Average number of rides offered/week = 12

Average riders/ride = 14

Unique riders = 77

Total miles ridden = 23,800


Average number of rides offered/week = 16

Average number of riders/rides = 10

Unique riders = 85

Total miles ridden = 27,396