TCBC Meetup Group FAQs

For Members:

What is the TCBC Meetup group?

  • The Meetup web and phone apps provide an easy way to find selected Club rides, receive ride notifications, and interact with other riders and Ride Leaders.
  • Visit our Meetup group by clicking on the Meetup icon to the right or go to
  • You can download the Meetup phone app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Why should I use the TCBC Meetup Group?

  • The Meetup phone apps are a convenient way to get ride information and interact with other riders anytime.
  • You can use the Meetup apps find selected rides, RSVP to rides, and see who’s attending.
  • You can post public questions and comments on the ride listings.
  • You can send messages to Ride Leader and other members.
  • When you RSVP to a ride, ride delay and cancellation notifications may be emailed to you and/or sent to your phone.

How do I join the TCBC Meetup group?

  • On the web, go to On the phone app, search for “Twin Cities Bicycling Club”. Then select “Join this group”.
  • Meetup groups can generate a lot of emails and notifications. Edit your web Group Notifications and phone push notifications to ensure you get only the ones you want.

Does joining the Meetup group make me a TCBC member?

Joining our Meetup group doesn’t make you a TCBC member. To receive all Club benefits, see Become a Member.

Can I join the Meetup group and RSVP to rides if I’m not a TCBC member?

  • You don’t need to be a Club member to join our Meetup group.
  • At the present time, TCBC rides are open to members only.

How do I join a Meetup ride?

RSVP to the Meetup event if you’re planning to attend that ride.

Is the Meetup group the only way to find Club rides?

  • Ride Leaders may post their rides on the Meetup group, but many don’t. For our complete schedule, see our Ride Calendar.
  • See our Ride Key and Ride Considerations for help in choosing a ride that best fits your riding ability and comfort level.

For Ride Leaders:

 Why should I post my rides on the TCBC Meetup Group?

  • Using the Meetup group is a great way to make your rides visible to more potential riders.
  • The Meetup phone apps are a convenient way to update your ride details and interact with your riders anytime.
  • When you post your rides on Meetup, notifications and reminders are automatically emailed to group members and/or sent as push notifications to their phones.
  • Riders can RSVP to your ride, see who’s attending, and post public questions and comments on your ride listing.

Are Ride Leaders required to post rides on Meetup?

Posting rides on our Meetup group is optional.

What can be posted on our Meetup group and how do I get approved to post?

  • Only current TCBC Ride Leaders in good standing may post rides on our Meetup group. To be designated as an Event Organizer, send an email to In the request email you will need to include the name that you use to identify yourself when you set up your Meetup account. Upon approval, you will receive a notification email along with a link to post rides on the Meetup Calendar.
  • All rides must first be submitted to the TCBC Ride Calendar before they may be posted to our Meetup group. Post only official TCBC rides; if you have questions, contact the Leader Liaisons.

How to add a TCBC Meetup Ride

What do I include in the Meetup event listing?

You can copy and paste much of the required information from your ride listing on the TCBC Ride Calendar. Please be consistent to avoid confusion.

Title: Use the ride name from the calendar.
Duration: This is required by the app. Although we can’t predict when everyone will finish, use the average speed from the Ride Key to set the end time.

Use the “additional information” from the calendar.
Make sure the ride length(s) and ride level(s) are included.
Always include the following text: “Please note: To participate, you must be a TCBC member. To become a TCBC member, see For help in choosing a ride that best fits your riding ability and comfort level, see”

Location: Use the “starting location” from the calendar. Use the “How to find us” text if the further clarification is needed.
Hosts: Select yourself and any additional Ride Leaders.
Optional Settings: Most of these options aren’t needed, but select “Repeat event” for recurring rides.