TCBC Bike University Program – Understanding Electric Bikes with Stuart from Powerbikes – April 28, 2022, at 06:30pm

Electric bikes are poised to revolutionize transportation across the United States, and rapid adoption in Europe and Asia has reduced car dependency along with corresponding fossil fuel consumption and environmental harm. We share a future where light electric vehicles increase our mobility, sustainability, and health, and electronic bikes are positioned to greatly impact how our community travels, exercises, and recharges.

Our speaker will be Stuart Deets, Rental Manager, from Powerbikes in St. Louis Park. He will discuss the use cases of electric bikes, contrast electronic biking to mechanical bike riding, discuss the local and federal regulatory environment, and look ahead at trends in electric bike adoption globally, nationally, and locally.

After Program Information:

Stuart provided a wealth of information about the different types of electric bikes, batteries, the different drives and classes of electric bikes, misconceptions about these bikes, comparisons to regular bikes, and how to choose one.

The TCBC YouTube Recording of this session can be found below and on the TCBC YouTube Channel.