The TCBC Bike University Council of Regents had their first meeting on December 15, 2021. The Council is made up of Mike Beadles, John Benda, Shelby Miller, Tim Rand, and myself as Chair. We will be meeting monthly.

So far we have programs on the topics of the Environment and Biking in January, TCBC History in March, and Biking 101 in May. We are working on other topics including Equity in Bicycling, The Greenway, and Bike Shop presentations. Specific information will be posted here and on the TCBC Calendar, as soon as all the details have been worked out.

All programs will be via Zoom and will be recorded and placed on the TCBC YouTube Site for future reference and for those not able to make the program.

Be watching for updates!

Edward Eroe
TCBC Bike U Chair