The Stamina Racing Collective is a competitive cycling team formed in July 2020 with the mission to diversify cycling via mentorship, community development, and accessibility.

Approximately 15% of licensed racers in USA Cycling are those in the women’s field, and approximately 10% of racers are people of color. Stamina members are working to change these statistics through increased representation in the sport.

In addition to regular racing, Stamina members volunteer in the community, host community group rides and events, and direct resources toward BIPOC, trans, and non-binary cyclists in the community. As a 501(c)3, Stamina relies on grants and donations from community members to make its mission come to life.

Stamina has 13 members on its roster for the 2022 racing season. They plan to compete in road, gravel, fat biking, and mountain biking races for the upcoming season. Target races include Leadville 100, Rooted Vermont, Tour of America’s Dairyland, Unbound Gravel, and more.

Erin is pictured on the far left in the picture.

To learn more about Stamina and to see our 2022 race calendar, go to:

After Program Information:

The panel provided advice to people who are trying to make cycling more inclusive. Some things mentioned were using preferred pronouns (she/her, he/him, they/them) and not touching someone else without their permission. These might seem like little things, but they make a difference. One panelist, Mel, said it’s important to consider the invisible needs of others, such as whether someone has a hearing or vision limitation. It was also mentioned that it’s important to be open to feedback and criticism, even if it is not delivered very smoothly. One final response, given by Christina, was to do some research; search the web on how to talk to a trans person or person of color.

Overall, it was a very positive presentation that gave us viewers a lot to think about. They have entertaining bios of their team members at the site, as well as blogs and more about team members. You can read about their efforts to volunteer, mentor others that might be race curious, take action in the community and diversify cycling overall. They also have some entertaining posts on their Instagram page.

The TCBC YouTube Recording of this session can be found below and on the TCBC YouTube Channel.