TCBC Bike University Program: Ride With GPS – Alex Gay, Relationship Manager at Ride With GPS – Thursday, April 20, 2023, at 07:00 pm

Alex Gay

Alex Gay is an avid bike commuter, road and gravel cyclist, and sometimes mountain biker. He gravitates towards steep hills and quiet forested roads in Oregon. Alex has been with the company since 2018 and works with clubs, events, tour companies, and tourism destinations all around the world to make cycling easy and accessible using the Ride with GPS website and app.

This is what will be covered during the session:

  1. A short introduction about Ride with GPS, myself, and how the club uses the account.
  2. Benefits of the club account. What you get and what you don’t get. Why you may want your own personal subscription.
  3. If a club has routes linked on its website or calendar, show how to access them there.
  4. How to access and use the club on our website.
  5. Viewing a route on our website. How to pin to sync to a device, change map style, and use the elevation profile.
  6. How to access and use the club membership on our app.
  7. Viewing, downloading, and pinning a route on our app.
  8. Navigating a route on our app.
  9. Questions and answers

After Program Information:

Edward Eroe, the Council of Regents Chair, welcomed everyone and provided some information on past programs as well as thanked our regents, John Benda, Mike Beadles, Tim Rand, and Dan Miller for all their work in making our TCBC Bike U possible. He then introduced Alex Gay, Relationship Manager with Ride with GPS.

Alex provided a short introduction about himself and the Ride with GPS program, including viewing and pulling up rides. All TCBC Members are eligible to use the Ride with GPS TCBC Club account, whether they are paid Ride with GPS members or not. Follow the directions in the link below to signup.

Alex provided information on viewing and using routes, including modifying and saving them. He then provided detailed information on route planning. If you are a paid Ride with GPS account holder and/or a TCBC Ride Leader, there are some advanced features that a non-paid member does not have access to, such as heat maps, for example.

Ride Leaders need to make sure all routes or edits to routes are saved in the club account so that they are available to users.

There were a number of questions.

How does a member sign up for the TCBC Ride with GPS account? The link below was shown.

Is there another way to sync routes from Ride with GPS to your device? Alex provided information on how to use Connected Services to do that. It is done through your personal account under your profile, then settings, and, then Connected Services.

Can you use hearing aids with Ride with GPS to hear verbal directions? Yes, you can by connecting your hearing aids via Bluetooth to the Ride with GPS app.

Can non-paid Ride with GPS users navigate routes that they have saved? They cannot navigate on the Ride with GPS app unless they are paid members. Garmin or Wahoo members can navigate the route.

Are heatmaps available in Europe? Yes, they are, and Alex showed how a user can use them. He also showed how to convert another language into English if the route is, for example, in French.

One user, who does not have cell coverage, had issues with stopping and syncing the Ride with GPS app once they got in the car. Alex did not know why this was happening but showed how you can later cut off sections of a ride through editing. This is a paid subscription feature, however.

Several websites were mentioned, the links are here:

Ride with GPS Home Page:

Signing Up for TCBC Ride with GPS Account:

Connect your Garmin Device: iq/

Connect your Wahoo Device:

Please follow the link below to the Zoom recording of the session on the TCBC YouTube Channel: