TCBC Bike University Program: Bicycle Maintenance – Troy Herlick, Store Manager at Gateway Cycle – Wednesday, March 20, 2024, at 07:00 pm. In-Person and Zoom Options. See the Zoom Registration information below and information on in-person registration, which is limited to 15 individuals! See the Registration information below.

Troy has been the Store Manager at Gateway Cycle for 30 years.  He has his certifications with Shimano Tech, Precision Fit, SRAM, and Bosch.  The majority of his riding is either Road or Gavel, and he also does Mountain Bike races.

Gateway Cycle was started in 1992 by owners, Bill and Joan Berger on White Bear Avenue.  The shop was moved to Oakdale in 1997.  Bill passed away in 2000 and Joan continues to keep the store up and running.

Gateway Cycle:

Registration: You must register for the Zoom Program in advance by going to this link:

If you want to attend the session in-person, send an e-mail to Only the first 15 registered will be able to attend in person, due to space limitations at the shop. You must still register for the Zoom program too. Thanks!

After Program Information:

After introducing himself and the Gateway Cycle Shop, Troy Herlick talked about the following items:

  1. Getting Your Bike Ready for the Spring. Inspecting your bike frame, tires, wheels, quick release or thru axle, steering and handlebars, clipless pedals, and do a drop test.
  2. Chain Maintenance – Checking if your chain needs to be replaced so that you do not have to replace the cassette and chainrings and cleaning your chain. Troy talked about how some riders over-lube their chain. The recommended amount is a drop per roller and every 100–150 miles.
  3. Cleaning Your Bike. Never hose down your bike because it can get into the bearings and frame. Troy went over how to protect disk brakes and types of cleaners and cloths to use and how to lubricate your chain, derailer, and pivot points of rim brakes.
  4. Common Things that Are Overlooked in taking care of your bike. Troy talked about chain wear, replacing bar tape, keeping shift or brake cables too long, running disc or rim brake pads too long, bearings, rim strips, e-bike batteries.
  5. Things to do before and after each ride. Troy went over tire pressure, checking brakes, quick release and thru axles before the ride and wiping off the bike, cleaning the chain, putting in a new tube if you used a patch on a tube during the ride, and charging all electrical devices.
  6. Adjusting gears and brakes. Troy went over adjusting mechanical shifting and disc brakes.
  7. How to change a tire. Troy went over the best way to change a tire from getting the tire on and off the rim, putting the tire back on, and re-filling it with air.
  8. Tire Pressure – Dictated by the size of the tire and the size of the rider. Not best to use max pressure. Skinnier tires are not the fastest. Older bikes may not be able to take wider tires.
  9. Newer bikes – Troy talked about electronic shifting and internal cabling,
  10. Questions and Answers. Waxing chains, T-9 lubricant, and recycling old tubes and tires.

A big thanks to Troy and the Gateway Cycle Shop, one of our TCBC sponsors, for this very informative session. Also, thanks to TCBC Bike U Board of Regents, Dan Miller for his camera work, and John Benda for sound work during this in-person and on-site session!

Please follow the link below to the Zoom recording of the session on the TCBC YouTube Channel: