Your previous subscriptions to topics on the TCBC Forum got lost when we transferred to the new website earlier this year.  To stay on top of the latest info, you will need to resubscribe.  Here’s how to do so:  

1) Log into the forums by clicking ‘Log In’ from the TCBC home page menu, then fill in your login credentials.
2) Desktop users:  go to ‘My Profile’ in the middle of the screen and choose ‘Subscriptions’ from the drop down menu.  Mobile users:  from the navigation bar, go to ‘My Profile’, then choose ‘Subscriptions’.
3) Check the forum topics and posts you would like to receive notifications from such as General, Rides and Trips, etc.  4) Click ‘Update Subscriptions’ to save your choices. 

If you are not a current Forum member but would like to join, click on “Join the Forums” instead of ‘Log In” in step 1 above and follow the remaining instructions.  

Subscribing to a Forum topic will get you notification of the initial post; you will need to log in and subscribe to the post if you want to follow subsequent posts. 

For questions, please contact