How to Register for TCBC Solo Rides

The short version-

1. Click on the ride
2. Click on the register button

  • If there isn’t a register button, the ride has closed, or is not open yet – rides are open for 7 days, then they get reported
  • if you’re using a computer look at the AGENDA VIEW of the calendar to see more easily which rides are open: 
  • If you use the classic view of the calendar you might need to SCROLL DOWN to see the registration pop-up
  • You DO NOT need to log in to register for rides
  • After you finish your ride you need to report it. The link will be in your confirmation email, or on the ‘My Rides’ page of Ridestats (click the ‘Actions’ button)

If you are a Hotmail or Yahoo email user and are not receiving ride registration emails, let us know at, and we’ll resend your emails.

YouTube videos about registering for, and reporting mileage for solo rides are at the bottom of this page.

As a step toward a full reopening of the group riding season, we are implementing a new solo ride program. We will be placing rides on the calendar that can be registered for and then ridden over the course of the week whenever it is convenient to do so. These rides will be covered by TCBC insurance and mileage credit will be awarded for completion of the rides. Please remember that these are solo rides and meant to be ridden alone or with members of your immediate household.

All solo rides on the calendar will be prefaced by the word “Solo” in the ride as you can see in the illustration below. Note that all solo rides will have a 00:05 (12:05 AM) start time. This is to ensure that if solo rides continue for members after group riding resumes, there will be no confusion of solo rides and group rides.



When you click on a solo ride to see the details of the ride, there will be a “Register” button present. If the “Register” button is not there, it is because the ride is not open to registration yet or the ride has completed. Solo rides will be a week long and run from Sunday through the following Saturday. In the example below, you will be able to register for the ride from Sunday, June 14th through Saturday June 20th. After June 20th, the ride will no longer be available for registration and ride credit.



To register for the ride – click on the “Register” button.



Upon clicking on the registration button, if you have used RideStats in the past to check your mileage your information will automatically fill in similar to what is shown in the graphic below.



If your information automatically was entered, simply click on the “Register” button to register for the ride. However, if no information displays, first select the “I’m a member” radio button.

Then a box will display to look up your member information. You can do any of the following to find yourself in the system:

  • Type in your member number (i.e. 4489 for Bob Fix)
  • Type in all or part of your last name (i.e. Fix)
  • Type in part of your first and last name (B Fix)

As you are typing in the information you should see a list narrow until you can select yourself. When you select yourself, the information should populate and then you can click on “Register”.

Note: If your membership is expired, when you select yourself to register, the information will not populate the fields. Your membership must be active to register for solo rides.


After you have successfully registered for the ride, you will receive an email confirmation of your registration within a few minutes. The email address that has been entered into our membership system is where the email will be sent. The registration email will appear like the following.



Upon opening the email, please review the information in the email carefully. The top part of your confirmation email contains TCBC’s safety briefing for all club rides. Because these rides can be ridden throughout the week, please take extra care during periods of the day such as rush hours when traffic can be much busier than when group rides may take place on the same routes.

If you are a Hotmail or Yahoo email user and are not receiving ride registration emails, let us know at, and we’ll resend your emails.



The second half of the email contains information regarding your ride. First take note of when the ride must be completed and reported by.   Then there will be the basic information for the ride as well as a link to access the GPS route.



After you have completed the ride, you need to complete the ride. This is done in just a couple of very easy steps. First, we will go back to our registration confirmation email for the ride. Towards the bottom of the email and highlighted in the step above you will see the following:

Click on the “Report My Finish for … “ link to open a browser and get to RideStats.

You will be presented with the following screen:

All you need to do is enter in the distance ridden (it will default to the ride length) in the distance field and select “Finish This Ride”. You will then be asked to confirm that you want to submit the ride.

After you click “Yes” your ride is submitted and the following screen will be displayed

Mileage stats will not be updated until the following week when the ride closes, so don’t worry if your stats do not immediately update. After the ride is submitted only the ride leader (prior to the ride closing) and Ride Stats administrators (after the ride closes) can adjust mileage.

We hope to resume group riding soon, but in the meantime, we hope that you will try out the new TCBC solo rides!