Another week has gone by and we’re still working on improving the solo ride program! We hope you have been out and enjoyed one of our rides – we had 162 registrations for our second week of solo rides. In an attempt to make the program easier for ride leaders and for riders we are changing the process for obtaining your printed map and cue sheet! Starting with rides on Wednesday, July 8th we will no longer be posting map and cue sheets on the TCBC Forum and will start storing them on the Ride With GPS site. When you receive your confirmation of your registration for the ride it will include “how to” find, download the pdf and then you can print your map and cue sheet. If you are familiar with the RWGPS site, on the ride page in the black box in the upper left corner you will see a box called MORE above the ride name. When you click on that box the drop down will give you the option to “Print map and cue sheet”. When you click on that you will get a download of the map/cue to print. This process will be in place for all solo rides going forward. For those of you using a Garmin type device your process will not change. As you can see, we are still developing and testing the solo ride process. Hopefully we are making it better and your patience with us will pay off. These changes need to be tested, existing ride leaders retrained and ride training materials updated. While we are in development we are trying to provide you with a nice option of rides around the Twin Cities. We are reposting some rides and adding new ones each week. Be sure and check out the ride calendar to see what is out there and the Map of Solo Ride Locations on the calendar page gives a good sense of where we are riding this week. And remember, solo rides require you to register prior to the ride and then report your mileage when you are done. If you don’t report your mileage, the ride leader will assume you did not do the ride and you will be deleted from the ride and will not receive TCBC ride credit. Since solo rides run for a full week, the ride mileage isn’t reported until 24 hours after the ride is done and won’t show up on your ride stats for another 24 hours. Please wait that long before you reach out to ride leader with a question about your mileage.