As Spring begins to arrive in Minnesota it’s hard to imagine the beginning of the biking season without our regular TCBC rides. It can be harder to get motivated to ride on one’s own and we have come to enjoy those great routes put together by TCBC leaders.

But don’t give up, instead turn to TCBC for some help! Some of our great ride leaders are out there on their bikes, reviewing routes and posting them on the TCBC Forum. It’s great to know you can head out on a route that won’t contain any surprises Thanks to leaders’ willingness to share where they have ridden. And an extra bonus is they are posting routes that are less busy with other bikers and walkers. To find these routes, go to the TCBC home page and click on the Forum button. Most of the route options can be found under “Rides and Trips” with other updates about riding posted under “General”. Thank you to the riders sharing their routes and if you have been out and about on your bike and want to share a route, we would love to have you post it on the Forum.

Still missing some of your old favorite rides with TCBC? Many ride leaders have posted links to their routes on their TCBC calendar postings so if you have a hankering to ride TGIF, Thursday’s Out West, Tuesday Tune-up, Kodiak Kruze or the Whole Enchilada just go back to last season calendar to grab a map off the ride posting. And if your favorite ride doesn’t have a link to a map you could always email the ride leader and see if they could provide one for you.

Yes, we miss our regular group rides with TCBC but let’s take advantage of the great routes we have to keep on biking even if it’s a solo ride. Then we’ll all be ready to get out a ride when the current limitations are lifted. Stay safe and don’t let this pandemic ruin you summer of biking!