TCBC Rides are open to members and non-members alike unless otherwise noted. Ride times listed are departure times. Come to the ride start location at least 15 minutes before the depart time listed on the schedule and find the ride leader (leaders usually have the back of their car open with sign up sheets in the back). All participants need to complete the Ride Report Sheet and non-members must sign a non-member waiver at the start of each TCBC ride. There will be maps for the ride (unless it is specified as a mapless ride on the schedule). The ride leader will also give a briefing on the route to the group, and then you’ll be on your way! TCBC rates its rides to help you pick ones that are suitable for your interests and abilities. See the full ride key hereSee Posts to the Ride Canceled, Delayed or Rescheduled Forum here.

As a step toward a full reopening of the group riding season, we would like to announce the launch of a new self paced solo ride program. In a nutshell, a limited number of rides will be posted to the ride calendar starting on Sunday, June 14th. Members will be able to easily register for the ride, download the map, and ride the route whenever it’s convenient for them during the following week. You’ll have approximately one week to ride the route and report that you’ve completed it. Riders will be covered by club insurance while riding the route. Riders will also get mileage credit for completing the route. We encourage you to ride solo or with members of your immediate household. For more info click on the ‘More About Self Paced Solo Rides’ button below.

For Solo rides you must be a member, register for the ride, and submit your mileage when you complete your ride

Self Paced Rides

A – Very Strenuous

A/B – Strenuous

B – Brisk

B/C – Moderate

C – Relaxed