Renew My Membership

Renewing Your Membership

TCBC offers two membership types—single & household. A Single membership is for one person, costs $30/year and entitles the member to one vote at membership meetings. A Household membership is for 2 or more people all sharing the same address, costs $45/year and entitles the members to a total of two votes at membership meetings. The membership period is one year from the date you join.

Click below, you will be redirected to our membership system at Z2 Systems to begin renewing your membership.

If you are a head of household, please click “Renew as a Member” to renew your household membership.  After you complete this step be sure to log out of the Membership System then all the additional household membership will need to click the “Renew as an Additional Household Member” tab and sign in to sign their waivers and be fully renewed.  If you have any questions please email