Proxy Vote Authorization

If you are a TCBC member and are unable to attend the annual meeting,
you can still authorize your vote by proxy. Fill in all fields in the form below and click ‘Submit’. This will authorize the Twin Cities Bicycling Club Board of Directors to vote on your behalf at the Annual Meeting.
See the biographies of the 2024 TCBC Board of Directors candidates here.

Current Individual Memberships are entitled to one (1) vote.
Current Household Memberships are entitled to two (2) votes, which must be submitted separately.
Voting ends Friday, November 17th

Proxy Vote Authorization

  • being a current member of the Twin Cities Bicycling Club, hereby irrevocably appoints Twin Cities Bicycling Club President Richard Stardig, with full power of substitution, as my proxy to appear and vote my name as instructed below at the Annual Meeting of the Twin Cities Bicycling Club to be held on November 19, 2023 or at any continuation or adjournment thereof.

    Please vote for the election of the following persons to the Board:

    • Board Candidate John Benda - Incumbent
    • Board Candidate Jean Bentley - Incumbent
    • Board Candidate Craig Larson - Incumbent
    • Board Candidate Rick Okada
    • Board Candidate John Rogers - Incumbent

    These elected Board members will join the following existing Board members:

    • Pat Diedrich
    • Gordon Fink
    • Jean Hurlbert
    • Dick Stardig
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY