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TCBC members still riding!

Starting on June 14th TCBC began a solo ride program to provide members with a RWGPS link, map and cue sheet for pre-ridden routes that offered club insurance and TCBC mileage credit. Through August we have offered a total of 149 scheduled rides which have been ridden...

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Black History Tour: Try this new TCBC Solo Ride

On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd was killed unjustly by Minneapolis police after passing a counterfeit 20 dollar bill at Cup Foods. The site of his murder at 38th Street and Chicago Avenue has become a memorial to him and brings to mind the suffering and racial...

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Top 10 reasons to do a TCBC Solo Ride

1. You can ride at the time that you want to, within the 7-day riding period. 2. A chance to ride a route that might be new to you, offering variety to your routine. 3. The ride won’t be cancelled due to weather. Just pick another start time if it rains. 4. You can...

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Solo Ride update plus map & cue sheet

Another week has gone by and we’re still working on improving the solo ride program! We hope you have been out and enjoyed one of our rides - we had 162 registrations for our second week of solo rides. In an attempt to make the program easier for ride leaders and for...

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6/28 Update on solo rides

We have now completed our first week of solo rides and are well into our second week. Once again, we have learned a lot as we have progressed, and it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. The Tech Committee was pleased to see 137 registrations for our first seven solo rides...

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Subscribe Again for Forum Notifications

Your previous subscriptions to topics on the TCBC Forum got lost when we transferred to the new website earlier this year.  To stay on top of the latest info, you will need to resubscribe.  Here's how to do so:   1) Log into the forums by clicking 'Log In' from the...

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Riding through the Pandemic

As Spring begins to arrive in Minnesota it’s hard to imagine the beginning of the biking season without our regular TCBC rides. It can be harder to get motivated to ride on one’s own and we have come to enjoy those great routes put together by TCBC leaders. But don’t...

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Recent Forum Posts

These special category rides are non-TCBC rides that are eligible for TCBC mileage credit, but are not covered by TCBC insurance. Outreach rides are designed to increase our club’s visibility in and support of non-pledge biking events in the broader biking community. A TCBC ride leader will be present at qualifying Outreach Rides to allow members to sign up for mileage, but it is the sole responsibility of participating members to sign up for the event and pay the registration fee. The organizers of the event are solely responsible for its quality and safety. Members are strongly encouraged to wear their TCBC jerseys when participating in Outreach Rides and ride in a manner that reflects favorably upon TCBC.

Most TCBC rides are day rides starting in or near the Twin Cities metropolitan area. In addition to regular day rides, TCBC also recognizes and provides mileage credit for certain other types of rides, including outreach rides and overnight trips. To ensure that these special rides are available to all TCBC members, advance notice must be provided to members. To ensure that riders have a safe and enjoyable ride for both regular rides and special rides, TCBC also requires that riders on all regular and special rides sign in for each ride, attend a ride briefing at a set time with the ride leader, and wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet. This policy defines the types of special rides and outlines special rules and considerations that apply to these ride categories.

Bike U events are social and educational and are usually scheduled in the off season.