About Outreach Rides

These special category rides are non-TCBC rides that are eligible for TCBC mileage credit, but are not covered by TCBC insurance. Outreach rides are designed to increase our club’s visibility in and support of non-pledge biking events in the broader biking community. A TCBC ride leader will be present at qualifying Outreach Rides to allow members to sign up for mileage, but it is the sole responsibility of participating members to sign up for the event and pay the registration fee. The organizers of the event are solely responsible for its quality and safety. Members are strongly encouraged to wear their TCBC jerseys when participating in Outreach Rides and ride in a manner that reflects favorably upon TCBC.

About Overnight Trips

Most TCBC rides are day rides starting in or near the Twin Cities metropolitan area. In addition to regular day rides, TCBC also recognizes and provides mileage credit for certain other types of rides, including outreach rides and overnight trips. To ensure that these special rides are available to all TCBC members, advance notice must be provided to members. To ensure that riders have a safe and enjoyable ride for both regular rides and special rides, TCBC also requires that riders on all regular and special rides sign in for each ride, attend a ride briefing at a set time with the ride leader, and wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet. This policy defines the types of special rides and outlines special rules and considerations that apply to these ride categories.

About Bike U

Bike U events are social and educational and are usually scheduled in the off season.

News and Events

Name Plates

Tell other riders who you are by having a bicycle license plate that displays your name hanging from your seat or saddle bag. With 8 colors to choose from, you're sure to find one that matches your bike! Price includes shipping. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery....

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TCBC jersey

The TCBC Jersey Store is now available the 1st to the 15th of every month. Check out the kits and accessories available. Use the following link to order merchandise:   Click here to order

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Outreach Ride: Tour of Saints 2022

Tour of Saints is a heavenly ride on back country roads near St. Cloud on Sunday, July 17, 2022.   The event is a fundraiser for the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota (also known as BikeMN), which advocates for bicycle education, safety, and trails.  The ride starts at...

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E-bikes and Group Riding with TCBC

E-bikes and Group Riding with TCBC The number of riders using E-bikes is growing and no doubt this number will continue to increase in the future. E-bikes have become a great equalizer, allowing more riders to enjoy cycling without limitations due to age, fitness...

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Bike U recap: Stamina Racing Collective

Bike U recap: Stamina Racing Collective On March 28, TCBC’s Bike U held its third session for 2022. The topic was “Equity in Bicycling” and was presented by Erin Ayala and her cycling team, Stamina Racing Collective. Erin, who cofounded the team in 2020, held an...

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3 Days of Bicycling on the Iron Range

3 Days of Bicycling on the Iron Range July 8-10, 2022 – Friday, Saturday, Sunday I hope you can join us for 3 days of scenic touring up on the Iron Range. We decided to change it up a bit this year and ride out of Gilbert Minnesota and maybe visit Grand Rapids later...

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