Congratulations to our new ride leaders! Two ride leader sessions were held again this year, on January 26th and March 14th. 

We really appreciate their taking on a new volunteer role with TCBC and we hope that all of you will help to make their experience as a TCBC Ride Leader rewarding by giving them the respect, cooperation, and thanks they deserve.

Thanks to Pete Hawkins, Patt Seleen and Jeff Johnson for teaching the classes.

January 26th class

Back row from left to right are: Jeff Johnson (instructor), Evie Walters, Doug Dye, Rick Pall, Chris Tamez, Kim Lundin, Scott Hagen, and Pete Hawkins (instructor).
Front row from left to right: Rick Schultz, Christine Kurtz, Christine Johns, Kelly Mayerle, Gina McCrone, and Shanna Sherman.

March 14th class

Back Row left to right: Craig Chilstrom, Trisha Groth, Phil Ensminger, Sandy Marshall, Sam Garvin, Mike Burstein, Andy Mohama, and Craig Reich.

Front Row left to right:  Rick Stroncek, Dave Swaab, Patt Seleen.  Not pictured: Jeff Johnson