Minnesota Randonneurs 2024 Gravel Events and Engraved Mug Challenge Recognition Awards
Minnesota Randonneurs has been aligned with TCBC for many (10+) years. We list many of our ride dates on the TCBC outreach ride schedule so TCBC riders can get credit for their TCBC mileage.  Many Minnesota Randonneurs are also TCBC members
This year one of our key initiatives is to encourage our riders to ride more of our growing list of excellent gravel routes.  These routes range from 63-125 miles (100k-200k) and are scheduled over the summer (see below for dates)
Our gravel routes are nearly all on class B gravel roads which are hard packed, very low traffic rural roads.  Somewhat wider tires (28mm+) are recommended but mostly not necessary.
All of these routes are scheduled as Outreach rides on the TCBC Calendar so riders will get TCBC mileage credit too.
This year we are offering two incentive awards for our gravel riders:
1.  Earn a special engraved beer (or other suitable beverage) mug for reaching the 2024 gravel challenge distance of 300 km. This can be achieved by riding any four of the listed rides below or a combination of scheduled rides and permanents that gets you to 300km of gravel riding.  (See explanation of Permanent rides later in this article)
2.  Earn a very special engraved mug for reaching 1000km lifetime gravel kms over any number of seasons.

Our gravel routes have been approved by RUSA (Randonneurs USA national body) for 2024 scheduled brevets and populaire events or can be done on your own as a Permanent route.

2024 Scheduled Gravel Brevets and Populaires – see MnRando.org for more details on these events



Dist Kms

Gravel Kms

% Gravel

Jun 15

Zumbro 133k Gravel Challenge




Jun 15

Zumbro 200k Gravel Challenge




July 13

Rosemount to Miesville 110k Gravel




July 13

Rosemount to Redwing 200k Gravel




Aug 31

Murphy/Hanrehan Gravel 109k




Oct 26

Shakopee Gravel Adventure 100k






The great thing about our gravel routes is that all of our Populaire and Brevet gravel routes can also be ridden as Permanent rides whenever you choose (and as often as you want), on your own or with other rando friends.

A Permanent in the randonneur world is a route that you can ride at any time, on your own or with other rando friends.  Your distance is recorded on your official RUSA log so the gravel kilometers will be counted for the gravel award .  Note that Permanent rides are not eligible for the TCBC Outreach mileage credit as they are not a specific scheduled event.
In order to participate in our gravel awards program you do need to be a member of RUSA (www.RUSA.org) cost is $30 for 2024.  You also need to either join Minnesota Randonneurs (www.MnRando.org) which is $25/year or pay a $5 fee for each ride.
This will enable you to ride as many Minnesota Randonneurs events this year as you want. Check out our schedule, we usually have at least one event every weekend until the end of October.
Interested !!?
To join our fun gravel challenge, here’s some steps:
    1. If you have any questions, please reach out to Rob Welsh at MnRando@aol.com or 612-801-4196
    2. If you are ready to go for it:  join RUSA (www.RUSA.org) then select whether you want to be a full Minnesota Randonneurs member
    (www.MnRando.org) at $25/year or pay $5/ride.
    3. Register for as many randonneur gravel events (or other events!) as you want.  Complete 4 gravel rides and collect the engraved mug.
    4. Consider the Permanents program to register for randonneur routes you can ride any time. There are 6 gravel routes, and 10 other road based routes to choose from Distances from permanents count in your gravel and overall mileage totals.  The Permanent program does cost an additional $10 for as many perms as you want to ride in 2024.
Seeing your Results
Your annual and lifetime ride total distances, including separate totals for gravel are always available on the RUSA site.
Minnesota Randonneurs will also be tracking gravel km progress for all riders, with regular updates posted to the MnRando website and published in the weekly bulletin/email sent to all members.