TCBC Bicycle Mileage Awards Program


The intent of this program is to provide TCBC members with a way of tracking their TCBC miles and to be officially recognized for certain levels of achievement on an annual basis. The TCBC year starts on Nov. 1 and goes thru to Oct. 31 of the following calendar year. The recognition categories are as follows:

  1.  Either 1000 miles + or 20 rides
  2.  Every additional 1000 miles over 1000
  3.  Highest male & female mileage


Each year, the TCBC Board will determine the type of awards to be given for each category. Additional mileage awards may be given out if deemed appropriate.


In the interest of safety and fairness to all, the following rules and guidelines apply to this program:

  1.  Only miles ridden on official TCBC rides (including Outreach rides) listed on its website calendar (TCBC Ride & Event Schedule) will count.
  2.  In order to count, an official ride must have a current TCBC leader plus at least one other rider.
  3.  In the interest of safety and insurance coverage, ride participants must sign in at the start of the ride to accrue miles for that ride.
  4.  Although riding to the start of the ride is encouraged, no mileage credit may be given for doing so.
  5.  The Ride Leader will determine the actual miles ridden on any ride; but he/she may not substantially alter the originally published mileage in order to accumulate greater mileage for themselves and/or others.
  6.  If a ride has been officially canceled by the ride leader (see Ride Cancellation Policy on our website), no mileage credit will be given for the ride.