TCBC Online Membership System

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find my TCBC Member Number?

A: There are three ways to find your TCBC member number:

1) Hard Copy Newsletter: Look on the address label on the back of your newsletter and you will see your member number. Family members that are part of a household membership will need to utilize methods (2) or (3) below, as only the member # of the head of household is printed on the
newsletter label.

2) Contact and ask for your member #.

3) Access your member # online:

a. Log into your TCBC membership account by going to the  account login here.  You will be presented with a Login Screen to our membership system at Z2 Systems.

b. Enter your login name and password. Note: All members who have joined or renewed online in the past year have created a login name and password as part of the join/renewal process. Note that this login name and password may be different than your forum and website login name and password, as they are accessing 2 different systems.  Your member number will be printed at the top of the page.

i. If you don’t recall your login name, email

ii. If you don’t recall your password, click on “Forget your password? Get help” at the bottom of the member login screen, or contact

iii. If you joined or renewed manually vs. online, email and they can set up your account for you, or you can click on “don’t have an account? Create an account” at the bottom of the account login page to set up an account.

c. Upon logging in, you will get to a screen that says, ”Welcome to the Twin Cities Bicycling Club’s online membership system.” In the upper right-hand corner of that screen you will see a box that says, ‘What would you like to do’. Select ‘My Membership’ from the choices given, then click ‘go’. This will bring you to a screen containing your membership information.

d. Click on ‘view’ on the top line in the ‘History’ section. Your member # will be displayed in parentheses following your name. This can be printed out and used as a membership card, as it contains your membership information.

Please contact with any questions. Thanks!
Q: What is TCBC’s online membership system?

A: TCBC has developed a web-based membership system which will provide functionality for online membership processing and volunteer need fulfillment. The new system will:

  • Streamline the membership processing function while providing better controls, reducing paperwork and decreasing the volunteer time and effort involved.
  • Improve data integrity and ensure regular data backups.
  • Mitigate the club’s risk by incorporating the annual waiver into the membership sign-up/renewal process.
  • Provide capabilities to better fill volunteer needs through matching volunteer interest and skill-sets with tasks at hand.
  • Provide an online storefront for TCBC merchandise

Q: What will the new system do for members?

A: Members will be able to perform the following functions via the new system:

  • Join and renew memberships with no additional processing fee
  • Update contact information
  • Indicate volunteer interests and skill-sets
  • Complete the annual waiver online
  • Receive notification of membership expiration and other key messages
  • Allow you to choose how you receive your newsletter (online, mail or both.)
  • Make purchases from the TCBC store

Q: How do I use the system to manage my TCBC membership?

A: You will need to create a login name and password to use the system. New members will create a login name and password upon joining.  You can always access the membership system under the Current Members > Manage My Membership option on the main menu.

Q: What do I choose for my login name?

A: Your login name needs to be at least 6 characters and can only include numbers, letters or the underscore.
Q: What should I choose for a password?

A: Your password needs to be at least 6 characters long.
Q: What happens if I forget my password?

A: Below the Start button on the Account Login screen, there is a link called “Get Help” which is after “Forget your password?” Click on the “Get Help” link and you will be prompted for your email address. You must key in the email address you have listed in your profile. Upon entering your email address, an email will be sent to this email address with your ID and password. If this does not work (you can not remember which email address you have in the system), you will need to contact
Q: Once I set up an account, how do I access it?

A: Go to Neon account login here.

Q: Is the new Membership System secure?

A: Yes, the new online membership system uses SSL technology to secure your data for all activities taking place in the system, including joining the club, renewing your membership, making a purchase, etc. When you access the system, you will notice the padlock on the screen which means that you are in a secure site and your information is protected.
Q: What are my options once I’m logged into my account?

A: In the upper-right hand corner, you will see a drop-down box entitled “What would you like to do?” Select the option you want from the list, then click ‘go’ to the right of the option. The following options are available:

  • Update My Profile: this allows you to change your contact info (address, phone, email), add an emergency contact, indicate your interest in volunteering, profession & skill sets, and indicate how you wish to receive your newsletter (online, mail or both.)
  • My Membership: this shows the current status of your membership, including type of membership (single, household, additional household member) and term.
  • Change Password: this allows you to change your password on your account.

Q: How do I join or renew my membership?

A: Go to the Current Members tab and access the menu item “Renew My Membership”
Q: Why is my birthday a required field?

A: We need to know your birthday in order to confirm that you are over 18 for insurance purposes.
Q: Can I still mail in a check rather than joining or renewing online?

A: Yes. You can still mail in a check with your membership brochure or renewal card to the TCBC address. However, we would prefer you join or renew online as it increases data accuracy, reduces volunteer workload and allows you to enjoy the benefits listed above.
Q: What is the start and end date for my membership?

A: You can view this information by logging into your account and selecting ‘my membership’ from the drop-down menu. In summary, though, your start date is the date you sign up and your end date is 365 days later. In the past we adjusted end-dates to be the 30th of the month. That practice is no longer occurring. Note that you will only be insured on club rides during the period of time your membership is active. In addition, members whose memberships lapse may not have their mileage recorded.
Q: What is meant by a Household Membership?

A: A Household Membership is a membership type for two or more persons living at the same address. The cost of a Household Membership is $45 compared to $30 for an individual membership and entitles the household to two votes at member meetings and one copy of the monthly newsletter.
Q: Why do I have to create accounts for my children if they are included in my membership?

A: Each additional household member included in your membership must have their own account so that they will have an electronic waiver on file. Filling out the waiver is the first step in creating an account for an additional household member. The waiver is necessary so they will be covered by the club’s insurance. Note: A parent must set up the accounts for minor children since a parent will need to sign the waiver as the guardian.
Q: I am completing the Additional Household Membership form. What do I fill in for the “head of household” field?

A: This is simply the first and last name of the person whose name is on the membership (i.e. the person who paid for your membership.)
Q: How do I indicate how I want to receive the newsletter?

A: Simply log into your TCBC online account, select “Update My Profile’ from the drop-down menu, and indicate your newsletter delivery preference (online, mail, or both.) Note that the newsletter is available to everyone at
Q: I’m not getting any emails from TCBC

A: To ensure you receive future messages from TCBC, please add to your ‘safe’ list. For instructions on how to do this, visit
Q: Who has access to all the information I enter? Will my privacy be maintained?

A: TCBC values your privacy. Since we became a club over two decades ago, we have ensured that your personal information is kept secure. The fact that we are now collecting and storing your information electronically rather than on paper has not changed our commitment to you.

  • We WILL NOT sell, rent, or give your TCBC member information to anyone.
  • We WILL use your information to send important TCBC communications to you by e-mail and/or U.S Mail.
  • The only people who will have access to your personal information are the members of the system administration team. When other TCBC key volunteers need access to member information (for example, event coordinators who need a list of the members who have signed up to volunteer, marketing volunteers who would like to provide high-level club demographics to potential TCBC sponsors, etc.), the system administration team will produce a report containing ONLY the information that they need. When you are no longer a member of TCBC, we will continue to protect the privacy of your information as described above.

A special ‘thank you’ to the team of key volunteers for their outstanding work and dedication in developing and implementing this online system. Those volunteers are Mike Beadles, Mary Derks, Dave Erick, Peter Fischer, Cindy Hanson, Joe Hays, Kate Kovar, Scott Larson, Kristi Linder and Jim Pederson.