Limiting Ride Size

TCBC Guidelines for Limiting Ride Size 

– Add **Limited** to the name of the ride. 

– At the start of the ride description, give detailed reason(s) regarding why registration for this ride is limited; use bold print and underline. 

– Possible reasons could include: a complicated route with many turns; a mapless/no drop ride with only one ride leader; limited rest/lunch stop capacity; etc. 

– Post rides a few days early so everyone, especially new members, has a chance to see it. 

Please note: there is currently no automated feature in RideStats for closing a ride that has reached its limited capacity. 

– Therefore, you must manually close your rides when limited capacity has been met. When that is done, you should change the word **Limited** in the ride title to **Full**

– If riders cancel before the ride start, you may re-open registration until it is once again full and then re-close it.