Ishmael’s First TCBC Ride

by Sadaf Syeda

Does having a kid prevent you from riding your bike? Not necessarily… As they say “where there is a will there is a way”. And of course if you are part of the club where everyone is eager to accommodate you –then the answer is Certainly Not.

It all started with me taking the bike for tune up with a plan to arrange baby sitter while I ride. While at Erik’s bike shop, I asked if they carried helmet for kids as young as 7 month old. The answer was not really but as Ishmael looked old for his age so we tried the smallest one and sure enough it fit just fine. Next question – Burley or bike seat. I opted for safer option of burley because of course I am a TCBC member. Within half an hour my bike was tuned up and my kid was a proud owner of new helmet and a burley. Minutes later I was on TCBC website looking for C rides to test our new toys.

First C ride that I spotted was “Get To Know Eden Prairie” scheduled for Sunday, 10 April, 2016 @10:30 AM. So I called the ride leader – Diana Kasper answered the phone – after inquiring about my kid’s age, helmet availability and my plans to carry him along she agreed for us to join the ride.

I sent few quick emails to gather some friends support on the C ride. Ed, Renee and Patrick (whom I have ridden with a million time) were on the ride.
Everyone was very nice and patient and cheered us on. Ed, one of the nicest person I know, offered pulling the burley should I get tired at any time during the ride.
Ishmael, was not exactly amused by helmet idea but Ed distracted him long enough for me to get it on and snapped. Rest of the ride was pure joy for him. He also managed few naps. Lunch stop was at Culver’s. Ishmael enjoyed being held by various TCBC members.

Everyone took turns helping me along the ride, checking on Ishmael, reporting his waking and napping periods and teasing me for not going faster. Riders helped point out road hazards and bumps on the road that I should avoid so Ishmael has a pleasant ride.

At the end of the ride, awesome ride leaders Duane and Diana Kasper encouraged me to join again… I was pleased with how everything worked out for us.

It was nice for me to see my friends again after an extended break. Pulling burley offered some workout besides the social aspect of the ride. For Ishmael, he had to chance to breathe in some fresh air, get exposed

to polite people from all walks of life and of course learn the importance of workout.. Well maybe he is too young to have a real appreciation of all that, but little brains are plastic and it’s never too young to mold them.

Ride went great – 25 miles of pure joy!!! We both were very encouraged and felt confident about joining future C rides. Before we know it, Ishmael will be the new member of TCBC with his own road bike and all.