TCBC Board Meeting Minutes

January 7, 2014

Held at: Roseville Library Board Room

Recorder: Gina McCrone

Board members present: Diane Ziemer, Gina McCrone, Michele Brougher, Fran Rabe, Patt Seleen, Paul Frenz

Absent: George Hagemann, Gary Stang, Pete May

Also present: Roger Fickbohm, Doug Nelson, Pete Hawkins, Loren Lovhaug

Meeting called to order by Diane Ziemer

Consent Agenda Trial-Diane

Documents must be reviewed before the meeting. If there’s something you determine needs further discussion, it would be moved down on the agenda with Regular Business.

Approval of December 3, 2013 Board Meeting: Patt Seleen made a motion to accept the December minutes and Fran Rabe seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved with changes approved as corrected in the December minutes.

Approve Gary Stang as Board Nominating Committee and Board Liaison.  A motion was made by Gina McCrone to approve and Patt Seleen seconded the motion. The board unanimously approved.

Treasurer Report-Roger Fickbohm

Roger went over cash disbursements, income statements by class, balance sheet, and accounts receivables.

Roger discussed the issue of uncashed checks. The finance committee will review and adopt a policy in the next year.

Roger discussed his concerns regarding the cost of Bluepay. Roger will report next month a yearly average for Bluepay. Other options to look at: 1. is Paypal compatible with NEON, 2. Need to compare fee system across the board and 3. Nonprofit vs business fee on any system.

Sponsorship Team looking into an alternative solution vs checks for advertising payment.

Tom Brix to cover in Roger’s absence.

Leader Forum: Pete Hawkins will discuss with Katie Angle regarding room rental rate in Shoreview. Room rental rates are on the rise.

2014 Recognition Banguet-Patt Seleen, Gina McCrone, Diane Ziemer: Don Picard will do parting shots again. Announcements/reminder for the banquet will be sent out via membership.

Ride leader/Key volunteer gifts- Patt Seleen and Gina McCrone

Already ordered and will be available at the banquet. If someone is not attending the banquet, the gifts can be picked up at the leader forum in April.

Randonneurs Report-Paul Frenz

Committee met (Ed Hassler, Rob Welsh, Paul Frenz, Patt Seleen, Fran Rabe, Pete hawkins) and discussed that there is a fit with TCBC, the interest for longer rides and a lasting relationship (4-5yrs).

The Ranndonneurs Club will limit fund raising through TCBC. They will cover their own expenses. They will maintain their own bank account(checks and balance sheet) TCBC will do a semi-annual account check. They will also try and identify expired members. Paul Frenz will talk with Rob Welsh regarding /adding a  link to TCBC memebership.

Technology Report-Michele Brougher, Kate Kovar and Jim Pederson (via speaker phone), Loren Lovhaug:

Website System Enhancements and ISP Provider issues-Michelle:Yahoo blocked all use from host gator therefore some people not receiving emails ie: ridestats,

Michele proposed to dump host gator ASAP. Host gator and infosiac work with the calendar, website, mail, message board, data base, ridestats.

Michele and Loren will research a new ISP address for TCBC and software. They will look at 3 and compare. Michele proposed JOOMLA at this time for software.(its free at this point)

Michele and Loren recommend Visi at this point. It is an ISP premier and one of the best. Comcast uses it in the twin cities and has good customer service department.

Alfresco will work with JOOMLA. Kate and Jim are working with JOOMLA at this point on the message board and will continue.

Patt Seleen made a motion for Michele and Loren to get 3 quotes/proposals for new ISP address. They will email this to the board. They will look at security, dependability, cost, and customer service. Paul Frenz seconded the motion.  Michele made an addendum to the motion to act immediately after the board votes on the new ISP address. Patt made a motion to add JOOMLA to the above motion so Kate and Jim can continue their work with the message board. The board unanimously approved.

E-News will have a posting about a new website/look for TCBC.

Adopt new Alfresco site: Diane

This is a document management system and will help preserve TCBC documents. It comes with 10GB for free. We can upgrade if we need more space for a small fee($50/month). Michele Brougher made a motion to adopt this system and Fran Rabe seconded.

Kate Kovar and Jim Pederson will have access to this system.

Patt Seleen, Pete Hawkins, Paul Frenz will meet to prioritize the movement of documents.

Consent Agenda-Diane

Will table for now. Not a priority.

Approve meeting minutes from 2013 Annual Meeting:Patt Seleen made a motion to approve and Michele Brougher seconded the motion. The board unanimously approved with changes approved as corrected.

MAPS for NonProfits for on call legal services-Paul Frenz

Cost $350/2013 year and $550/2014 year for on call legal services. No service was used in 2013. Paul recommended we use volunteers from TCBC with a legal background. 2014 contract will not be renewed.

LAB National Bike Summit-Paul Frenz

TCBC has budgeted for 1 person to attend in 2014. Paul recommended we not send a person this year until we set up criteria to attend.

League of American Bicyclists insurance update-Paul

Cost increase $275/year. TCBC rides are not special events so we can charge for non members to ride.

A committee will decide the amount. (Patt Seleen, Paul Frenz, Michele Brougher, Fran Rabe, Pete Hawkins, Pete May)

Michele made a motion to approve the increase and Patt Seleen seconded. The board unanimously approved.

Approve 2014 Board Meetings and Major event calendar dates for 2014-Diane

Approved. No motion needed.

Patt Seleen made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:57pm. Fran Rabe seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved by the board.