TCBC Board Meeting Minutes

February 5, 2013

Held at: Roseville Library Board Room
Recorder: Diane Ziemer

Board members present: Patt Seleen, Diane Ziemer, Michele Brougher, Paul Frenz, Pete May, Gina McCrone, and Gary Stang
Also present: Roger Fickbohm, Doug Nelson, and Pete Hawkins

No changes were made to the January 2013 minutes. Minutes were approved and Patt forwarded on to be posted.

LAB overcharged TCBC for our current membership and a check for $125 has been issued to TCBC as credit. Roger will send financials in PDF format from now on before the monthly meetings. It appeared that dues were down compared to this time last year. Roger verified that was not the case and we are on track. Roger moved the budget for the Awards Banquet from Awards/Recognition to new account Awards/Recognition-Awards Banquet to separate from other club recognition making it easier to budget for future Award Banquets. Roger will send email reminders out in October for members requiring expense reimbursement for current year to be submitted by year end so that expenses hit in current calendar year. Roger will be on vacation and checks will need to be written at the Banquet. Roger to give Patt checks in his absence. Tom Brix will take over as treasurer during Roger’s vacation.

Calendar committee technology Update - Michele Brougher
Michele downloaded the new Helios system software and contacted the developer to make customizations. They were back logged said they could not take on any customizations. Jim Pederson determined that costs to use the Tundra software would be very expensive. Michele found a developer to customize for us for a fee. Michele to obtain costs for customization and if more than $500 Michele will inform the board for approval. Michele will talk to Mike Beadles about changing the web host client and we will not have to renew for next year. The new calendar will allow us to keep the color customization of the current calendar. All Ride Leaders might need to have a user account to submit
rides to the new calendar. Patt brought up that during ride forum we could have something to demo on line for ride leaders.

Website Update
We had responses from a couple of folks related to Website design and layout. We will wait a couple more meetings to pursue this further. Ben Wilson is another person that may be able to help. Gary Stang noted that he is aware of someone that does Web Design for a fee.


Sponsorship Report – Lisa Austin
Lisa updated the board with the history of the advertising model that was converted to a sponsorship model in 2009. Lisa identified current members on the sponsorship committee including their responsibilities and also recognized members that stepped down late in 2012. Current sponsors including their sponsor levels were reviewed. Sponsors have increased by 18% from 2012 to 2013. In addition to the regular sponsors many individual and event sponsors support TCBC , such as Chippewa Valley Century, Sierra Century etc.
The sponsorship committee is projecting a revenue target of $20,000 for 2013.
Some sponsors have asked if there is a way to pay for their sponsorships electronically. Roger to explore options.
Lisa also noted that we need to keep in mind that plenty of notice would be needed if we were to make changes to our hardcopy news which could have impacts to Sponsors.
Lisa reminded us to bring sponsor banners to outreach rides etc.
Lisa also pointed out the need to balance out 10 pages of editorial and estimate the schedule need to balance out paid ads in our newsletter.
Board Members to sit with Sponsors at upcoming recognition banquet, Patt will make the assignments.
Patt recognized the Sponsorship Committee for their professionalism and the work on the sponsorship kits.

Recognition Banquet Update
Patt reported we have at least 200 signed up including sponsors. Banquet is coming together. We may spend more than budgeted for the DJ and appetizers this could be an extra $1000. Michele noted that the rider certificates could cost extra as well. The sponsors have donated some nice prizes for the drawings. Gary Stang asked all Board Members to get up and start the first dance of the night to get the party going.

New Brochures
Patt showed a couple samples of the new brochures. They are more contemporary but we could not find good high quality resolution pictures of our members wearing our new jerseys. Pete May suggested we photo shop out the wire behind Gary G’s picture. We will order 1500 brochures to start and will attempt to get more pictures with members wearing the new 2012 jerseys.

Survey Monkeys
Diane to remind Mary Derks about getting past surveys so we can save them on TCBC Website.

American Specialty Insurance-Pete Hawkins
Coverage went up 23% ($2.16 per member/per year) this is the most valuable benefit the club has. Pete will write an article about the benefits of the insurance in an upcoming news article. Pete will be posting a PDF file under leader documents to explain the coverage benefits (raise awareness). Pete also noted that our coverage costs have increased 58% over the last 2 years but this is still a very good deal for the coverage and protection we receive.

Amazon Link
TCBC receives 4% of the sale if you link to Amazon through TCBC website (we get more as more items are ordered). Amazon will do direct deposit monthly otherwise they charge us $15 per check issued. Phil Doi is not interested in maintaining the link for the website any more. Pete to dig into the website with Jim Pederson to see if it’s worth keeping, we will need to promote it more. Link is located at the bottom of the home page.

Merchandise Update
Patt will obtain a merchandise update from Paul Wiltse for the March board meeting.

Membership Committee
Patt will ask the membership committee for an update at the April Board Meeting. She will ask them to be prepared to discuss file retention, member statistics etc. Pete’s finished document about the benefits of our insurance would be nice to be included in the new member packets.


By Laws
Paul Frenz has reviewed the By-Laws and will be recommending some changes. He will send out his recommended changes of the By Laws before the next board meeting for current board to discuss and vote on if necessary. He also noted we could save $1K in postage if notification for the annual membership meeting was sent electronically.

Activity News
Doug has good stuff for recognition corner. Doug noted we have until Thursday Feb 7th if you need anything else submitted to the next news letter. News Flash Patt Seleen has nothing to report for the President’s Column. We are considering other Board Members submitting articles throughout the year. This will give members the chance to know more about the current board members.

Volunteer needs
Diane Ziemer will contact John Ridge to inform him that we would like to have a booth at the Iron Man if possible at the new venue. Paul Huntington has volunteered to be our event coordinator.

Patt recognized everyone for their help on the upcoming recognition awards banquet.

Meeting adjourned at 8:38 pm