TCBC Board Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2013

Held at: Roseville Library Board Room
Recorder: Diane Ziemer

Board members present: Patt Seleen, George Hageman, Diane Ziemer, Michele Brougher, Paul Frenz, Pete May, Gina McCrone, and Gary Stang
Also present: Doug Nelson, Pete Hawkins, and Alex DeVeyra

February board meeting minutes were approved and will be forwarded on by Patt to be posted.

Tom Brix while filling in for Roger was not available we will table formal budget review for April. George did mention concerns related to additional expenses from the 2013 Awards Banquet that was not reflected in the budget. The additional funding had been approved in January and noted in the February Board meeting notes.

Calendar Report - Michele
Michele gave an on line overview demonstration of the new calendar that we will soon be transitioning to with hopes of having it ready to demonstrate at the Ride Leader’s Forum in April. After discussion the board was in agreement that this software will be adequate for our current needs. There was also discussion of having a different category listed on the calendar for out reach rides. The board also recognized Michele and Jim Pederson for their efforts on working with this new software.

Ride Leaders – Pete Hawkins
There needs to be a mechanism to approve ride leaders for training. There are 14 people signed up. The board has approved the 14 members for upcoming leader training. Pete mentioned that we currently have ride leaders that have not led a ride in 10 years. Pete Hawkins will look at establishing a new threshold that would require ride leaders to take the new ride leader training again. Pete will bring something back to the Board for what the new threshold will be.

Watermelon Report
The Watermelon Committee (Gina, Alex & Doug) are working with a new food vendor and will obtain pricing so that we can adequately budget for this. The committee will be advertising the Watermelon Ride in upcoming newsletters and TCBC website. The Committee will give an update at the April Board Meeting to approve overall costs for the new food vendor and determine if current registration fees will need to be adjusted.

Banquet Survey Result
The board reviewed the survey results. Overall results were good. Discussion took place regarding the overall program and flow of the presentation. It was mentioned that we should start thinking soon about next year’s recognition gifts.

Changes to By-Laws
Paul Frenz has been working on updates to our current TCBC By-Laws the past couple of months. Paul is incorporating additional comments by the Board and will send out another draft with changes for review at the April Board meeting.

Web Committee
No web committee news update this month. Michele to talk to calendar programmer to assist and Patt will talk to Ben.

2013 Annual Meeting-New Venue
Evie and Patt checked out a couple of new venues for the 2013 Annual Meeting. They decided on Jimmy’s in Vadnais Heights. Jimmy’s has a really nice facility that caters to weddings, retirements, and company seminars. A $500 deposit will be sent to hold the spot.

Regional Bicycle System Master Study
It was decided to not have formal TCBC representation at the various meetings through out the metro. It will be posted on the message board for anyone that would like to attend in their respective areas.

We still have 40 jerseys left over, 108 map clips, 52 pair of socks, Order more mirrors and map clips. Need to sell at the TCBC bike swap and all other upcoming events.

Midwest Mountaineering Outdoor Expo
We will not have a booth at this expo.

National Bike Summit
The Board had approved a $1400 budget per/person for members that attend the Bike Summit.

Nature Valley
TCBC members working with Nature Valley will be contacting ride leaders to get TCBC rides scheduled that will be used as part of Nature Valley events to get more people involved with riding.

News Letter
Doug reported that the April Newsletter is done. He mentioned there were too many advertisements and not enough content, you will see certain articles rerun. He is always looking for more stories.

Paul Huntington will be coordinating the Ironman Event for April 28th. The website has been updated with his contact info to recruit volunteers to help with our booth.

Patt pulled off names from the banquet survey of members that are interested in volunteering. A memo will be sent to those members encouraging their assistance for future volunteer opportunities.

Meeting adjourned 8:47pm