TCBC Board Meeting Minutes

September 3, 2013

Held at: Roseville Library Board Room
Recorder: Gina Sapia

Board members present: Patt Seleen, Diane Ziemer, Michele Brougher, George Hagemann, Gina Sapia, Pete May, Paul Frenz and Gary Stang
Also present: Doug Nelson, Pete Hawkins, Roger Fickbohm, Jim Pederson, Steve Scott, Fran Rabe

Approval of July 9, 2013 board minutes
Michele Brougher made a motion to accept the July minutes, Gina McCrone seconded the motion and the motion was unanimously approved.

Roger went over the balance sheet as of 8/31/13, YTD income statement, including details by class through 8/31/13, YTD budget vs. actual variances, and a detailed listing of Watermelon expenses.


Watermelon Recap – Gina Sapia
The net profit from the Watermelon event was $594. The board decided to send Cycles for Change $1,000, consisting of the Watermelon net profit plus an additional $406 as a charitable donation. Roger will send a check to Jason’s attention at Cycles for Change.

2013 Charitable donations
The board members will choose which charities to give to at the October board meeting. Patt asked the board members to think about which charities they’d like to donate to this year. We’ve budgeted $5,000 for the fiscal year ended 10/31/13.

Nominating committee report – Paul Frenz
Paul gave an update on the actions of the nominating committee. Fran Rabe has shown interest in joining the board. There is a newer club member interested but he doesn’t qualify as he hasn’t been a TCBC member very long. We must formally give notice to the members within 20 to 60 days alerting them of the nominees. Paul will work with Steve Scott and Jim Pederson to get the notices for the meeting and proxy voting mailed and on the web.

Key Volunteer replacement – Diane Ziemer
Diane explained that Paul Wiltse is giving up his volunteer role as keeper of the merchandise for sale, post office pickup, and making deposits. Loren Stark may be interested in handling the post office and deposit responsibilities. Diane will follow up with him next week and report back to the board next month.

Randonneur report – Paul Frenz
Paul shared that the 2014 schedule is similar to the 2013 schedule. Michele explained that there are a growing number of Randonneur riders who are expired members of TCBC. It was questioned whether or not the TCBC ride leader cards are being read prior to each brevet. Michele wants her rides removed on the 2014 schedule. Pete and Paul will meet with Rob to discuss the issues. Paul made a motion that the submitted schedule be approved but with Michele’s rides removed, Pete seconded, and it was unanimously approval.

Halloween ride – Gina McCrone
Gina has scheduled the Halloween ride to start and end at Brackett Park in Minneapolis. It will be a “stay together social ride”, approximately 30 miles, and will have a few stops along the way. Lunch will be served at the end at Brackett Park. Gina submitted her article for the ride to Doug to be printed in the upcoming newsletter. Paul made a motion to approve a budget of $600 for food and the facility fees, Gary seconded the motion, and it was unanimously approved.

Banquet date change – Diane Ziemer
Diane requested that the annual banquet be moved to February 1st instead of February 8th. No one on the board had any issues with the change.

Scott County/Prior Lake proposal – Patt Seleen
Garry Glubka received an email from Jay Bickford, with the Great Scott Cycling Club in Prior Lake in MN. This is an unofficial bike group. They would like to be considered a sub-set of TCBC. Patt will contact them and explain that we don’t want to have sub-set groups but they are welcome to join the club and become ride leaders running their rides in Prior Lake.

Retention policy – Gina Sapia
Gina will prepare a retention policy draft and send it out to the board members prior to the October meeting.

Member only rides – Patt Seleen
Patt asked the board members to think about the possibility of the club having member-only rides in the future. The number of non-members attending the club rides is growing. The board discussed the possibilities of enacting a policy to limit the number of free rides and have it in place by November 1st. This will be on the October agenda with the goal that we can announce something in November.

Key volunteer clarification – Patt Seleen
We need to define a key volunteer for the future. Patt asked the board members to think about ways we can do that.


Herb bench - Diane
Diane is working with Xcel Energy regarding the new placement of Herb’s bench.

All-club ride
The All-club ride was a big success. 198 riders attended and everyone had a great time.

Doug needs content for the upcoming newsletter but expects to get articles from people soon. Tomorrow night is the deadline for the Nov/Dec issue.

Membership report
We’re down 100 members. Patt would like us to look at it in detail at the next board meeting.

Merchandise report
There are currently 17 jerseys left in inventory. Some are mislabeled as xl’s but really are mediums. It was suggested that they be sold at a substantial discount.

At 8:30pm, George made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Gary seconded, and it was unanimously approved.