TCBC Board Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2013

Held at: Roseville Library Board Room
Recorder: Gina Sapia

Board members present: Patt Seleen, Diane Ziemer, Michele Brougher, George Hagemann, Fran Rabe,
Pete May, Paul Frenz and Gary Stang

Also present: Doug Nelson, Pete Hawkins, Gina Sapia, Steve Scott, Jeff Johnson, Mary Derks

Election of Officers – President, Vice President and Secretary
The board members discussed the officer positions and various members shared their interest in becoming an officer. The board members discussed the possibility of working towards lessening the work load of the officer positions going forward by spreading the work out to more people. This will make being a board member and officer more attractive to club members.

George made a motion nominating Gina McCrone as secretary. Michele seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved by the board.

After a long board discussion, Gary Stang made a motion nominating both Michele and Diane as president, the nomination between the two individuals to be determined by a board vote. Gina McCrone seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved. Board members submitted their votes and Gina Sapia counted them. Diane had the most votes, therefore she is the new president.

Gary then made a motion nominating Michele for the vice president position. Pete seconded the motion, 3 other board members approved and one abstained.

Financial discussion
Mary Derks asked some questions regarding the 2012/13 expenses and the 2013/14 budget. The board plans to look at some specific expenses in detail, including printing and newsletter costs. They will get back to her with detailed info to answer her questions. A meeting with Mary will be scheduled when Roger returns from vacation. Mary agreed to wait and schedule a meeting after his return.

Determine 2013-2014 Board meeting dates and location
Patt has the Roseville Library Board room reserved for the December meeting. The board members will look at their schedules to see if Mondays or Tuesdays are better for them. Diane will look into scheduling the meeting locations for the future.

New Board Orientation
Michele and Fran will connect and meet to go over new board orientation.

Approval of October 1, 2013 board minutes
The board minutes from the October meeting were not available for review. Gina will email them to the board members within the next few days so they can be reviewed and then approved at the December board meeting.

Annual Meeting Report
Patt updated the board on the annual meeting numbers: 183 members registered, 20 no shows, and the club fed 175 people. It was suggested that the board put the power point presentation (with financials omitted) online before the meeting so people can see if beforehand.

TCBC Documents and records policy
Paul explained that, as a 501(c)(3) organization in Minnesota, we are only required to give one year of financials to someone who requests them. Board members agreed that there should be a written policy describing what members are to be given and in what manner. Paul will put a policy together and present it at the next meeting. This policy will also include the records retentions policy started by Gina Sapia last month.

New committees:

1) 2014 recognition banquet committee – We are possibly look at combining the annual meeting
and the recognition banquet in the future to cut costs. Diane will take the lead on this
committee. She requested budget info so she knows what the committee has to work with.
2) Recognition committee – Gina McCrone and Gary are taking the lead and will look into leader
3) Watermelon committee – Doug Nelson has volunteered to chair the committee this year. He
would like it moved back to the old location. All of the prior year committee members have
offered to volunteer again this year and we have recruited a new member as well.
4) Policies committee – Patt has volunteer to put something together for this and will help
shepherd the various policies.
5) Message board leader forum only – Ride leaders have requested that we have a message board
for leaders only, with password-only access. Pete offered to talk to Kate to see what can be
done to set that up. It was suggested that it may be best to wait until the tech committee looks
at the overall IT systems of the club. Pete will report back next month.
6) Members-only rides - It was decided to table this until next month’s meeting. Paul and Pete will
look into the insurance and report back to the board next month.
7) Technology – Michele will head up this committee.

Bike U
John Ford has done a wonderful job in creating several upcoming Bike U’s. There was discussion as to whether or not it’s acceptable for TCBC to offer a CPR class. It was decided that it is okay.

Key volunteers:
Diane Ziemer reported that Paul Wiltse has been replaced by Don Hopkins. Don will take over picking up the mail, scanning checks, and making deposits. Roger will meet with Don when he returns from his vacation to go over specific procedures.

Halloween ride
The ride went really well. Riders enjoyed the new route, the stops and the food. Great job by Gina Mc Crone.

Herb’s Bench
Paul reported the bench has been moved and it’s new placement is complete.

There will be no newsletter in November.

Membership report
The membership report was given at the annual meeting.

George made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:52pm. Gary seconded the motion and it was
unanimously approved.