TCBC Board Meeting Minutes
April 3, 2012
Held at the Golden Nugget, Minnetonka
Recorder: Liesa Miller

Board Present: Richard Franco, Michele Brougher, Paul Frenz, George Hagemann, Gina McCrone, Liesa Miller, Patt Seleen, Diane Ziemer

Board Absent: Gina Sapia

Also Present: Roger Fickbohm, Pete Hawkins, Doug Nelson, Mike Ruedy

The minutes of the February Board meeting were approved, pending three edits.

Roger passed out reports, including reports for disbursements for the month of March and a breakdown for promotional items. There was a lot of activity under promotional items recently due to jersey orders, arm warmers, and helmet mirror purchases. Lisa Austin also provided some update notes regarding the status of the past due items. Some sponsors were confused about their accounts because of confusion between last quarter 2011 and first quarter 2012 billings.


Ride Issues – Mike Ruedy
Mike commented on a couple of issues on recent rides that he wanted to make the Board aware of, in particular the issue of riders not respecting stop signs. The Board agreed this is a constant concern and we need to keep reminding leaders to remind riders on their rides to stop at stop signs.

Randonneur Committee Report – Michele
Michele had emailed the TCBC Randonneuring Handbook and an Update report regarding randonneuring rides with TCBC. There was a motion to approve the 2012 brevet schedule, and the Board approved. The brevet schedule needs to be set by October 1 of the previous year, so in the future the Board needs to review this in August or September. Richard will add this task to the master calendar for August. The Board briefly discussed the relationship between TCBC and the Minnesota Randonneurs. Michele mentioned that randonneuring rides do not affect our LAB insurance. There are separate rules for randonneur rides as opposed to other TCBC rides; for example, night ride rules are more stringent and specific. All participants on randonneur rides must be TCBC members, and we have members who have joined TCBC because of their desire to do brevet events. Michele will work on gathering a committee to review the relationship between TCBC and the Randonneurs, with a plan to meet in June or July.

Banquet Survey– Richard
The comments regarding the banquet were all over the map though there were a few things that stood out. The sponsor area was fairly cramped and seating arrangements could be revised. People did not want a long presentation about any one topic such as randonneuring. Next year we should consider a presentation of “stellar moments” from a variety of types of rides instead. The paper ride stats certificates were very popular but we have a lot of medals that were not picked up. The Board discussed making medals only for those who opt in to get one. The awards committee will look into this. Perhaps opting in could be part of the membership renewal process. The awards banquet reservation for next year is already made for the same location. After next year’s banquet,

we should consider a new location as we will have been at the same place for three years in a row. Patt and Richard will talk about getting the awards committee together.

Plan for Past Due Sponsors – Patt
Patt is working with Lisa Austin on this. She will be the Board liaison to the Sponsorship Committee.

TCBC Brochure Updates – Richard
Richard will talk to Steve about doing an update and printing and will report back to the Board at the May meeting. We will have photos with the new jersey, information about how to join online, new sponsors, etc. We could also add that free Swap Meet participation is a benefit of club membership. We are running low on current brochures but Richard will check with Valerie on our supply. He will bring some to the Leader Forum.


RIDE STATS: Patt reported that there are 6 new ride stats entry people. Loren Lovhaug is training them. Also, a few leaders were invited to do some data entry. Jeff Johnson and George will work on training them. All the new people will need to sign the new non-disclosure agreement. There is no longer one Ride Stats Coordinator; instead, it is now a Ride Stats Team. Some rides have been put on hold because of expired memberships, so Michele will pull more frequent membership updates. Expired members are being followed up on by the membership committee. Ride holds are a technicality and it should be remembered that rides were held up a lot longer under the old system.

NEWSLETTER: Next month will be the “big” May issue. Diane has a volunteer who is interested in writing something and she will tell them to contact Doug. Paul will have an article soon about the National Bike Summit. We need to remember to remove duplicate addresses before mailing.

VOLUNTEER: Diane thought it would be helpful to have a list of who is on what committee and who is volunteering for what. This would be for her use but not on the public website. The volunteer committee will meet later this month. Diane is looking into working with the Nature Valley event, and may use the TCBC message board to post a call for volunteers. Richard will talk to someone at Nature Valley about whether we can have a TCBC tent at their events.

SAFETY: Paul will work with a new volunteer on revising the online incident survey, which is too long and difficult to fill out. He will talk to Jack Uttermark about being involved with this. The ride leader briefing card was just revised (bright blue version).

NEW LEADER TRAINING: Pete reported 27 people are signed up this year, including a visitor from Kansas City who wants to observe our training.

CALENDAR: Richard is working on updating this and will email to Patt and George for review.

LEADER CAR SIGN: Patt mentioned that a ride leader had a “TCBC Ride Leader” sign made for his car to designate the ride sign-up. The Board had no problem with that.

SOCKS: Patt asked if we want to order socks to go with the new jerseys as we have in the past. Michele will look into the price options and quantities. The Board voted to authorize a purchase of $1000 for this purpose.

Next meeting will be 6:30 to 8:30 on May 1, 2012, at Midwest Mountaineering, 309 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis.