TCBC Board Meeting Minutes
July 10, 2012

Held at Ramsey County Library, Roseville
Recorder: Liesa Miller

Board Present: Richard Franco, Michele Brougher, Paul Frenz, Gina McCrone, Liesa Miller, Gina Sapia, Patt Seleen

Board Absent: George Hagemann, Diane Ziemer

Also Present: Joe Dupont, Roger Fickbohm, Pete Hawkins, Kathy Horton, Kate Kovar, Doug Nelson, Jim Pederson, Steve Scott

The minutes of the June Board meeting were approved.


  • The June Balance Sheet shows our cash balance up from a year ago. We are also ahead of budget for the first half of the year, though revenue for promotional items (merchandise) displays as high at this time of year because of our recent sales. We will be able to get a better view of the final numbers later in the year.
  • The new signs purchased for use at the Watermelon Ride are currently shown as a general membership expense, not a Watermelon Ride expense.
  • Roger passed out Transaction Details for expenses and deposits, and the Budget Overview by Classes. There was a question about why the October budget does not appear to contain food expenses for the Halloween Ride.


Web Presentation – Jim Pederson

Jim described his role working on the TCBC website. He presented visuals describing the increasing use of the online ride calendar over the years, and statistics regarding how many people visit various parts of the website and which ride descriptions get the most hits. He showed information about our sponsors’ online ads, how many clicks they get, and how frequently they appear. He showed similar user stats for our message boards. We currently offer almost 2500 rides per year now, and 50% of them are not in the printed newsletter. That percentage keeps going up.

Online Newsletter Presentation – Steve Scott

Steve presented the work he has done to update the printed newsletter to a more interactive web- based format. The online pdf format would display in the browser and have active links to sponsor websites as well as links within the document itself. Photos, ads, and graphics could be color, but would be converted to a black and white version for the printed newsletter. The pdf could still be printed out by those who wish to print their own paper version. The Board discussed the pros and cons of keeping a ride schedule contained within the printed newsletter format.

The interactive pdf format can be seen as a first step toward a more web-based newsletter. Steve reminded the Board that the trend going forward will be to have all our graphics/news in formats that can move easily between devices, so that webpages, printed formats, or phone and mobile versions can all work together. At the same time, we are a small nonprofit club so we need to be realistic about what we can build and maintain.

Steve would like to look at possibilities for redesigning the newsletter next year. Both the printed newsletter and the website are looking rather dated.

Steve will go forward with working on this new format for next month’s newsletter and will work out the costs involved. Many questions remain to be answered before fully adopting it. How and whether to include email addresses is one issue to be resolved. Another would be what changes would be presented to sponsors and when. Patt will work with the Sponsorship Committee to get their input and wishes.

Watermelon Ride Recap – Gina

Gina passed out some numbers for the Watermelon Ride budget. We had 317 preregistered riders and about 100 day-of registered riders, though some of the preregistered riders did not show up. We had a lot of food left over. The goal of the Watermelon Ride is first and foremost to put on a family-oriented ride, not to make a profit, and we achieved that goal this year under circumstances which were difficult due to the extreme heat on July 4th. Pete and Patt gave special thanks to Gina and the other members of the Watermelon Committee.

Gina will get the number of non-members who did the ride to Pete, so he can pay the special event insurance. Doug plans to revise the 50 mile route for next year.

Randonneur Committee Review – Michele

Michele passed out a TCBC Randonneuring Subcommittee Relationship Assessment, including recommended steps. The Board approved the recommended steps as a direction for moving forward, and as a basis for further discussion with Rob Welsh and others. Michele, Paul, Pete, and Patt will work on a committee to continue this discussion.

First Aid Classes – Paul

There will be an item in the next newsletter advertising first aid classes designed with bicyclists in mind. There will be a $50 charge for those who sign up. The Board discussed whether or not the club would subsidize any of this cost. At this point we will wait to see how much interest there is in the classes. TCBC does not require first aid classes for ride leaders.

Web Content for Safety – Paul

Paul pointed out that although ride sign-up sheets state that earphones are not allowed on rides, this rule does not seem to appear anywhere on our website. He suggested we look at placing such safety rules more prominently/clearly on the web. We may take some of these things for granted as being common sense, but they should be stated. The Safety Committee will make a more formal recommendation.

Fall All-Club Ride – Patt

We have the Minnetonka Community Center location reserved.

Injured Rider – Paul

A TCBC rider was very seriously injured recently at a road/trail crossing in Minneapolis. There was no signage for either cars or bikes. Paul will speak with someone at the city of Minneapolis about this incident.

Next meeting will be 6:30 to 8:30 on August 7, 2012, at Midwest Mountaineering, Minneapolis.