TCBC Board Meeting Minutes
November 6, 2012

Held at Java Train Café, St. Paul Recorder: Gina Sapia

Board members present: Patt Seleen, Michele Brougher, Paul Frenz, George Hagemann, Gina McCrone, Diane Ziemer, Pete May and Gary Stang

Also present: Roger Fickbohm, Pete Hawkins, Doug Nelson, Mary Derks, Steve Scott and Mike Ruedy


Patt Seleen nominated Gina Sapia for the secretary position. George Hagemann seconded the nomination and the remaining board members unanimously voted in favor. Michele Brougher nominated herself for the vice president position. Diane Ziemer seconded the nomination for Michele. Patt Seleen nominated George Hagemann for the vice president position. Gina McCrone seconded the nomination for George. Because of the two nominations, each board member voted via ballot. Gina Sapia tallied the votes and the results: George received 5 votes and Michele received 4. Paul Frenz nominated Patt Seleen for the president position. Diane Ziemer seconded the nomination. The board members voted: 8 in favor of Patt and 1 against.


Roger explained that he has begun using the new voucher checks and it’s going very well. He presented the October 2012 financials, 2013 budget, and a complete transaction listing of expenditures for October 2012. Roger is concerned about the wide range of expense reimbursement requests received for map copies from the ride leaders. He said the cost ranges from 6 cents to 36 cents per copy. The board agreed that we will discuss this issue at a future board meeting when there is more time.


2012-2013 Board meeting dates and locations – Patt
The schedule for the next year’s board meetings are as follows:


Changes will be made if necessary. Doug will update the newsletter and website calendars.

Update board contact info – Patt
Patt had everyone review and update their contact info. She also invited the new board members to our Yahoo group.

Invite new board members for orientation – Patt
Patt will schedule the new board members’ orientation with them through email. The new board members include Pete May and Gary Stang. Diane Ziemer will attend also since there wasn’t an orientation last year.

Outgoing board member recognition – Patt
Patt purchased gifts for our outgoing board members: Liesa Miller and Richard Franco.

Activity news deadlines – Doug
Doug went over the newsletter deadlines and schedule for submitting pictures and articles. The deadlines are as follows:


Safety rules and recommendations – Paul
Paul handed out the latest version of safety rules and recommendations that he has prepared. There were a few changes made and the board will review and revisit it at the December board meeting.

Recognition banquet
The Board discussed options for a leader and key volunteer gift. Patt will explore and get pricing options.

A banquet planning committee was formed. Committee members will be Gina McCrone, Gary Stang, Mary Beth Schmidt, and Evie Walters. Evie is coordinating the food and location which is the Ramada Plaza again this year. The banquet will be held on 2/9/2012. There was discussion of possibly having a dance/DJ after the banquet is over. Patt will coordinate the scheduling of the first banquet planning committee meeting.

There was discussion about club members wanting more individuals to receive awards. Michele, Diane and Gina McCrone will put together some new ideas for this year’s awards.

Ride Stats Report – Michele
Michele gave an update on the ride stats. She said the biggest change this year is that members can see their mileage for the current year much earlier than in prior years. In previous years, the mileage for the current year wasn’t published until early in the following year. Gary suggested that we prepare a press release to announce the club’s million mile mark for 2012. Michele will work with Pete to write something.

National Bike Summit
The National Bike summit is March 4-16, 2013 in Washington D.C. Early bird registration is $375 until January 21, 2013. Paul Frenz will write a small article about it for the next newsletter. He will also look at the costs to attend the event.



There is no membership report this month. Richard Franco presented the membership information at the annual meeting.

Volunteer needs – Diane
Diane has someone interested in volunteering at the Ironman event and possibly serving on the sponsorship committee. No one has volunteered to take on the Bike U Coordinator position but Rob W. has agreed to do a Bike U on randonneering and Michele will do one on night riding.

Update on Activity News online PDF
Patt explained that updating the Activity News online will help later in updating the club brochure’s new look.

Annual meeting
Evie Walters went over the annual meeting numbers: 173 members were served dinner, 175 members RSVP’d, there were 21 no-shows and 17 walk-ins. There was discussion of possibly using e-invite or survey monkey for registrations next year. Evie said that the RSVP needs to be set earlier next year and it needs to be made clear to members that they must RSVP.

Halloween ride
Patt will send Julie Kosbab a thank you note and she will be in the next recognition corner. Gina McCrone suggested that the Halloween ride be in the cities so people can show off their costumes. She will work on that for next year. Patt asked Gina to work with Julie Kosbab who has organized the Halloween Ride for us for many years. Gary Stang would like to think of ways to get more people to wear costumes.

Recognition Corner
Richard Miller will be included. He is building a storage unit that will hold the TCBC signs securely in the storage unit.

Member Issue
Mike Ruedy was present and requested time to express his frustration with cancelled rides. His concerns were noted and will be passed on to Leader Liaisons.

The meeting adjourned at 8:51 pm. The next meeting is December 4, 2012 6:30-8:30 at the Roseville Library Community Room.