TCBC Board Meeting Minutes
June 5, 2012
Held at Midwest Mountaineering, Minneapolis
Recorder: Liesa Miller

Board Present: Richard Franco, Michele Brougher, Paul Frenz, George Hagemann, Gina McCrone, Liesa Miller, Gina Sapia, Patt Seleen, Diane Ziemer

Also Present: Roger Fickbohm, Pete Hawkins, Kate Kovar, Doug Nelson, Jim Pederson, Mike Ruedy


The minutes of the May Board meeting were approved, pending two edits.


Accounts are reconciled as of May 31, and all bills are paid except for 3 new ones that just came in. The promotional items show a loss of about $3000 right now due to the current inventory of unsold merchandise. We will do an inventory at the end of the year to see where things stand. We gained about $3000 in dues from Ironman-related memberships. The new format of using classes on financial reports gives us a clearer way to show all expenses related to that class; so for example, we can now show postage related to the newsletter as part of the newsletter class. Roger is thinking about ways to make use of this organization to make some things clearer. The issue that Roger was looking into last month with Blue Pay has been resolved. Patt talked to Lisa Austin regarding a policy for dealing with past due sponsors. Kate noted that the sponsorship committee has been looking into being more consistent around this issue.


Ride Issues – Mike Ruedy

Mike commented on the fact that the spring All-Club Ride was cancelled due to rain and a few riders who left before the ride briefing were not aware of this until after they returned from their ride. The Board reviewed the fact that riders need to be present for the ride briefing in order to know for sure whether a ride is officially cancelled or not. Mike also noted that there are unfortunately riders who do not respect stop signs or the need to move over when there is a “car back.” Everyone agreed it is important to remind riders in a positive manner about the need for good behavior on the road.

HI/TCBC Bike Atlas Agreement – Patt

Patt spoke with Jon Ridge of Hostelling International about a possible agreement regarding the Bike Atlas. Jon proposed passing all publishing rights for future editions of the atlas to TCBC. In exchange, he proposed that HI receive 10% of the profits from the next edition. The Board felt that such an agreement should have a sunset date of 5 years, after which we would have full rights. Patt will talk to Jon to see if that can be worked out. Pete will look into what was written in our older agreements with HI.

Ride Cancellation/Reschedule Policy – Patt

The Board had discussed a new ride rescheduling form and wording for the website at the November 2011 meeting, and the new policy was presented to ride leaders at the Leader Forum, but Patt recently realized that action had never been taken on getting these items posted to the web. She drafted some instructions to clarify to ride leaders how to reschedule a cancelled ride and will work with Jim Pederson to get the new information and form posted. The web form will generate an email that will go to Loren Lovhaug, who will pass the information on to RideStats. There was a motion to approve the new form and the new ride cancellation/rescheduling policy, and it was approved. When the new information is ready on the website, Pete will send out an email to ride leaders.

Nomination Committee – Richard

It is time to think about a nomination committee for the coming fall elections. Michele agreed to be the Board liaison for this committee. This year Richard, Liesa, Paul, Diane, and Patt are all up for reelection.

St. Paul Bike Classic – Richard

In the past we have done helmet fitting and have provided ride marshals for this event. Diane noted that Marina has volunteered to head up our volunteer effort for this. Diane will talk to Lisa Anderson or Laurie Holm who have experience working this event in the past. The Bike Classic is promoting the Minnesota Bicycle Coalition this year, so it is good for our club to participate in this effort to show our support.


NEWSLETTER: The current policy is to publish events that are up to 30 days out. When someone has a need to publicize an important event or a special ride that would not normally be included on the printed schedule, they may use the “In Brief” section to draw attention to their event. Doug will add a note to this section letting people know that they should submit special announcements here. RIDE SCHEDULING: Jim reported that an error was made allowing a ride to be posted on the July 4 Watermelon Ride blackout date. He will contact the ride leader and inform him that the ride cannot go at the requested time, but it could still be held on July 4 if it is moved to 3:00 pm or later. ONLINE NEWSLETTER: Patt reported that Steve will be at next month’s meeting to present some options for the online newsletter. Kate mentioned that many issues will need to be worked out together with the sponsorship committee.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership declined slightly. The biggest growth was in additional household members. Percent opting out of paper newsletter continues to grow. VOLUNTEER: Marina has been working on updating the information about committees and who is on them. Diane will send this information to the board when it is completed, and will work with Jim to post it on the web. We have a couple of volunteer slots left to fill for the Watermelon. Gina S. will write up a request for volunteers to go in the ENews.

AWARDS: Patt talked with Loren Stark about how to handle these. We ordered 300 medals for the banquet, and we still have 100 that have not been picked up. We will plan on moving toward an opt-in system.

RECOGNITION CORNER: Nothing new on this so far this month.

ENEWS: Diane noted there has been a problem with the link to the online version of the ENews.

Jim will look into fixing that.

FALL ALL-CLUB RIDE: Patt will look into whether we can use the Christian Academy location for both parking and a food truck. George will check out the routes.

OLD COLEMAN STOVES: Pete cleared it with the Board that he will scrap the old Coleman stoves owned by the club. They are no longer safe.

ACCIDENT SURVEY: Paul announced that the new version of the Accident Survey is online. SABO BRIDGE: Doug announced that the Sabo Bridge is open to bike traffic again. He also checked out Herb’s Bench and reported that it is in good shape.

FUTURE MEETING LOCATIONS: Liesa will check on the availability of the Roseville Library Board Room for August.

Next meeting will be 6:30 to 8:30 on July 10, 2012, at Roseville Library, 2180 Hamline Ave. N., Roseville, Community Program Room.