TCBC Board Meeting Minutes
May 1, 2012
Held at Midwest Mountaineering, Minneapolis
Recorder: Liesa Miller

Board Present: Richard Franco, Michele Brougher, Paul Frenz, George Hagemann, Gina McCrone, Liesa Miller, Gina Sapia, Patt Seleen, Diane Ziemer

Also Present: Roger Fickbohm, Hugh Gitlin, Pete Hawkins, Dick Heglund, Scott Larson, Doug Nelson

The minutes of the April Board meeting were approved, pending one edit.

Roger has been doing a great job and the reports are much easier to read than they used to be. Gina will send out the April budget by email. We discussed a few past due sponsors as shown in the Aging Detail report. Lisa Austin is working with these. Patt will talk to Lisa to get her preferences regarding creating a more structured and consistent policy for dealing with all sponsors. When a sponsor is past due for a certain number of days, perhaps they would not be allowed to take out another ad until they pay up. If we have such a policy, we could ensure it is consistent for all sponsors and we could keep better track of sponsors’ payment history. Patt will also clarify what the billing practice is for sponsors who take out a one- time ad versus those who have an ongoing arrangement. Roger suggested setting up an inventory account for tracking promotional items. This would also be great for keeping track of how many of each item we have left and in what sizes. It should not be too much work but we could get occasional updates. Roger will look into a small problem with the payments to Blue Pay. Also, he reported that Paul Wiltse has been doing a great job with picking up the checks, forwarding and sorting them.


Watermelon Update – Hugh
Brochures are ready and Hugh will distribute to bike shops. He and some other volunteers will ride the routes this weekend as an early preview. The short route will be on trails through Woodbury. The volunteer gift will be a T-shirt. The Board suggested he order women’s sizes too as they are very popular! Also, we discussed the need to get things set up at the rest stops early and in plenty of time. Doug checked with Washington County regarding road projects and none are scheduled at that time. We have rented the whole pavilion at Battle Creek so we will have use of the whole kitchen.

Membership – Scott
We are approaching reaching the 2000th member. Scott will let the Board know when a new member puts us at 2000 members and Patt volunteered to contact them and present them with a jersey. If they are willing, we could feature them in the newsletter, perhaps with a photo of them in their new jersey. Scott reported that members will get a reminder of their member numbers soon, but in general, everyone has been good at knowing and using their numbers. We still get a fair amount of use from the paper membership form in the newsletter. The portion of members opting out of the paper newsletter is now up to 36%. There was a temporary glitch in the membership website in March so some people attempted to renew or join and were not able to on their first try. The Membership Committee backdated their memberships to the dates when they first tried to renew. There was discussion about how waivers get signed by additional family members when their membership is renewed by the head of household. Many will get emails reminding them of the need to log in and sign their waiver, but some may not do this. Ride Stats and Membership will talk about ways to ensure that everyone signs the waiver. The number of people signing the waiver is much improved under the new system from what it was under the old paper waiver system.

Revised Accident Survey– Paul
Paul presented a much shorter version of the survey than what currently exists. He will get it into a survey monkey format. Many of the questions require written descriptions but these can be interpreted for quantitative results. The Board approved putting the survey up on the website as is
and modifying it later if necessary. However, it should be moved out from the leader docs page to
the home page with directions that it should be filled out by the rider who experienced the accident.
Richard will talk to Jim Pederson about making that change to the home page.

Fall All-Club Ride Location – Gina M.
Gina looked into using the Minnetonka High School location for the fall All-Club ride, but this won’t be possible. The Ice Arena remains the only place with enough parking for us. Gina would like to get the Bikery Waffle Van to provide food, but it isn’t allowed at the Ice Arena. However, she will look into possibly using the neighboring Christian Academy parking lot as a location for the food van. Also, she will get information about prices from the Bikery and will ask if the van would be available for the spring All-Club ride at Snail Lake too. Doug will ask Ramsey County if the food van would be allowed there. The van would need to be ready for business by 8:30 am.

TCBC Brochure Updates – Richard
Richard located more copies of the current brochure so we have enough for a while. Steve will need more new photos before he can work on a redesign of the brochure. We will look at having him do a redesign towards the end of the summer. In the meantime, Richard will put a notice in the ENews to solicit more high resolution photos from members, especially ones featuring the new jerseys.

Online Newsletter – Patt
Patt talked to Steve about ideas. She will invite him to come for the July meeting to talk about some different formats. We still want the ability to easily print things out.

TCBC Sock Order – Michele
The socks are ordered and should be here by the end of May. There are 2 styles, both black wool. Michele will talk to Mary about getting them on the web store by the beginning of June.

Card Swiper – Gina S.
The subject of using a card swiper for merchandise sales came up again. It would be nice to have at the spring All-Club ride. Gina already has one that works well with QuickBooks and we could use it that day. Richard reminded the group that we need to have a broader discussion about this topic and compare costs. However, given the time frame Gina will go ahead and get some information about costs and will email that to the Board. She will also look into costs with Square, another card swiper. We will not consider taking American Express cards as the costs are higher. Richard will put a notice in the ENews to solicit volunteers for the All-Club ride to help handle merchandise sales.


NEWSLETTER: We will take out the jersey order form in the next issue and direct people to the website to place orders. Hugh will write something for the next issue about the new Watermelon routes. Doug will bring newsletters to the Ironman booth.

VOLUNTEER: Diane will have a meeting with the committee next week. They will work on updating a list of who is on which committee, and will look at soliciting some new volunteers based on what they said their interests were. The Board discussed ways of talking to volunteers about possible longer-term commitments such as the Watermelon Committee. It is too intimidating to tell people they have to make a 3-year commitment. It’s better to let them get involved more gradually. Another approach for soliciting new volunteers is to ask people if they have a group of riding friends who would like to volunteer together. Diane will put out a call for volunteers for the Nature Valley Bike Festival in the ENews. TCBC currently does not plan to have a booth at the NV events due to the $500 fee. Patt will talk to a couple of ride leaders who may be interested in leading TCBC rides to events. If we have some coordinated rides in our schedule, Nature Valley is interested in putting a link to our ride events on their webpage.

ENEWS: Richard has a couple of notices for the ENews. Hugh will submit something about the Watermelon Ride. Doug will submit something about the spring All-Club Ride. We should submit a blurb about merchandise for sale.

HELMET MIRRORS: Patt reported that they are selling well and she ordered 40 more.

CALENDAR: We are up-to-date except we need to line up the fall All-Club Ride Coordinator. Patt is working on this.

FUTURE MEETING LOCATIONS: Liesa will check on the availability of the Roseville Library Board Room.

Next meeting will be 6:30 to 8:30 on June 5, 2012, at Midwest Mountaineering, 309 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis.