TCBC Board Meeting Minutes

Sept. 4, 2012, held at Roseville Library Very temporary recorder: Doug Nelson

Board present: Richard Franco, George Hagemann, Patt Seleen, Gina McCrone, Gina Sapia, Paul Frenz Board absent: Michele Brougher, Liesa Miller, Diane Ziemer
Also present: Gordie and Jeannette, Pete Hawkins, Steve Scott, Lisa Austin, Kate Kovar, Jim Pederson

WATERMELON 2013: Visitors Gordie and Jeannette presented a handout listing their estimate for serving meat for the Watermelon Ride next July. Instead of hot dogs, they would prepare pulled pork and chicken wings. Their estimate, including supplies, was $962 for 500 people. They are not licensed to serve -- we will have to check with Ramsey County. (This could be satisfactory because we are not charging for catering.) They would not do sides. We will do a cost comparison. They left with the Board’s thanks.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: With Liesa not present, her minutes from the July 10 meeting were approved on-line.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Gina S. gave the report in Roger’s absence. She had nothing special to highlight. The YTD 2012 net income is lower than the YTD 2011 net income mainly due to the merchandise purchases in 2012 being posted to an expense account and not inventory. The Watermelon expenses are finalized and TCBC did make a profit.

2013 SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE: Lisa Austin mentioned planning 10 issues of the newsletter again next year and having the same sponsor packages. They plan more web ads, for annual and events. She will work with Jim P. She described the ad procedure and how it rotates. The committee would like to give different sponsor gifts only to the top ten advertisers, possibly a camping chair. Also, something like a mug to the marketplace sponsors. Total on gifts would probably be $400-500. A PDF will be used to describe the package instead of a rate card. The committee wants to start signing up sponsors in October and December for the Dec. 3 deadline. They also want to increase web ads, pages to be determined. Patt motioned in favor of the sponsorship package and the Board APPROVED 6-0.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: George reported that he joined the committee recently, along with Michele and Ed Hassler. Vacancies are due to Liesa and Richard leaving the Board. They have come up with three names: Pete May, Gary Bakke, and Gary Stang. The bylaws say this needs to be decided now for the timeline to proceed. George motioned that the two names submitted to the membership at the Annual Meeting be Pete May and Gary Stang, and the Board APPROVED 6-0.

CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS: We looked at what was given to groups last year. Pete promoted the former Sibley Bike Depot (name changed). Gina M promoted the place in Mpls where bikes are built. Paul promoted LAB. Gina S suggested taking Watermelon Ride profits and donating them to a cause/non-profit. The Watermelon Committee will look into this and suggest something to the Board next year. A few Board members will do research. No motion made.

RECOGNITION/MILEAGE AWARDS: Patt described that many medals or trophies are not wanted or taken each year. We would like to start a program to opt IN to get a keepsake instead of opting OUT and saying people don’t want one. People doing more than 25 rides or 1000 official miles all get something as of now. The Board will start communicating the change. The personal data sheet, which started at this year’s event, will be prepared just for people attending the banquet.

HI / TCBC BIKE ATLAS AGREEMENT: Patt passed out copies of a letter from Jon Ridge of HI-USA, essentially transferring all publishing rights to the next edition (8th) and all future editions to TCBC. Paragraph 3 was amended to read: “TCBC agrees to pay 10% of the net proceeds from the next Bike Atlas’ (8th Edition) as a donation to HI-USA. This donation will be completed when the 8th Edition is “sold out” and no further reprintings of this edition are planned. No further donation or obligation to HI-USA will be required from TCBC on any future editions of the Bike Atlas’s publication.” Also HI-MN and the Twin Cities Bicycling Club agree to a 5 year sunset clause on this agreement. If the 8th edition of the Minnesota Bike Atlas is NOT published in the next five (5) years, HI-MN shall have no further rights in the Minnesota Bike Atlas including proceeds thereof. Patt will finalize the agreement with HI-USA.

FIRST AID: Paul reported that we are not going forward with planning first aid classes for leaders at this time. Also, Paul is working on bringing together safety info from five places into one place on the website. A link on the home page is needed. He presented a handout. He will will have a new format ready for the October meeting.

2013 RANDONNEUR SCHEDULE: The meeting did not take place and this decision was postponed. The Board needs to approve every year’s schedule ahead of time.

BUDGET COMMITTEE NEEDED: it will be Roger, Gina S, George, and Richard at this time. The Board needs to approve the 2013 budget at the October meeting.

NEWSLETTER: Doug is going on vacation but we have plans to get it done. The on-line newsletter will be on the October meeting agenda.


MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: membership is down 3% and there are 1907 members at the last report. Kevin Harris crashed and is still having serious health problems. The Board will send him a card and flowers. NEXT MEETING will be October 2, 6:30 to 8:30 or so, at the Roseville Library.