Minutes of the Twin Cities Bicycling Club Annual Meeting, 2012

November 4, 2012

Held at the Brooklyn Park Community Center, Brooklyn Park, MN Recorder: Liesa Miller

TCBC President Richard Franco called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm. A 5% quorum was met with around 173 members present. Richard presented the meeting notification postcard as proof of notice of the meeting.

2011 Annual Meeting Minutes: Every table seat had a copy of the 2011 Minutes for members to review. Richard asked if there were any changes needed and as there were none, he asked for approval of the minutes. A motion was made and seconded, and they were approved.

2012 Year in Review: Richard reviewed some of the goals and highlights of 2012. Along with the usual calendar of events, the club also sent two members to the National Bike Summit last spring and trained 28 new ride leaders. We followed through on all of the following 2012 goals, and will even meet the final goal, which was to reach a total of 1,000,000 miles.

2012 Goals and Priorities:

  • Continue our Focus on Safety 

  • Analyze TCBC Financial Picture 

  • Examine Existing Communication Methods 

  • Identify Enhancements to Existing Databases 

  • Produce a new Club Jersey
  • Challenge - Ride 1,000,000 Miles

2013 Priorities: Richard listed the priorities of the coming year. They are:

  • —Continue our Focus on Safety
  • Increase Pool of Active Volunteers
  • Communication Updates: New TCBC Brochure and online newsletter
  • Consider updates to the TCBC webpage and the ride schedule calendar

Financial Review: Roger Fickbohm

Roger showed the Profit and Loss by Class report, which shows some of the new classes that he has been working to develop this year. He thanked Gina Sapia for her work on this. The current total Net Income reflects about $4000 in merchandise inventory which we have ordered but have not yet sold. Roger also presented the proposed budget by class for the coming year. We are budgeting a loss of about $6200 for the coming year. Our balance sheet shows the club’s finances to be about $7000 ahead of last year at this time. Finally, Roger presented the list of nine organizations to which we gave charitable contributions this year.

Membership Report: Richard Franco

Total number of members has remained at just under 2000, similar to last year. Richard thanked the membership team who have been working with the NEON online membership system. Many new functions can be performed online thanks to this system.

RideStats: Michele Brougher

Michele noted that mileage stats for the new biking year will begin to be posted online starting November 15. This is a change from the past, when mileage was not posted until after the start of the new calendar year. She also reviewed the ride entry process and thanked all those who have been working on this.

Safety Report: Paul Frenz

Paul reported that the number of accidents was down this year compared to last year, even though members rode more miles this year than last. Unfortunately, however, two of those accidents were very serious ones. The online accident survey has now been streamlined and shortened, so it is easier to complete. Also, the club safety rules have been organized into one list and will be accessible from the home page soon.

Sponsorship Report: Lisa Austin

It was another great year of support from our sponsors! Lisa encouraged members to patronize their shops, use their coupons from the newsletter, and if possible, lead rides from their stores. She thanked the members of the sponsorship committee, and announced that more volunteers for this committee will be needed soon.

Newsletter Report: Doug Nelson

Doug thanked the more recent regular contributors to the newsletter. He thanked Steve Scott for

his great work, and asked members to keep submitting material.

Volunteer Report: Diane Ziemer

Diane mentioned all the committees that work behind the scenes and thanked their members, as well as all ride leaders. We are currently looking for a new Bike U Coordinator, volunteers to help with the Recognition Banquet, a Watermelon Ride Coordinator, and a general Volunteer Coordinator, as well as volunteers for many other events. Diane also thanked Dan Miller, the previous volunteer coordinator. Check the website for new opportunities.

Election of Board of Directors: George Hagemann

A slate of 5 nominees were elected. They were: Paul Frenz (incumbent), Pete May, Patt Seleen (incumbent), Gary Stang, and Diane Ziemer (incumbent). They will join George Hagemann, Gina McCrone, and Gina Sapia on the Board. George thanked the nominating committee as well as the two outgoing Board members, Richard Franco and Liesa Miller.

Mileage Award Opt-In

Starting this year, members will need to opt in to get a mileage award medal. See the website.


  • The Recognition Banquet is Saturday, February 9, 2013, at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Minneapolis.
  • Pete Hawkins called attention to the good work being done by Cycles for Change (formerly the Sibley Bike Depot) in Saint Paul. They recycle old bikes for use by others who need them, and would welcome your used bikes or volunteer time.

Adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.