TCBC Board Meeting Minutes
January 8, 2013

Held at: Roseville Library Board Room
Recorder: Gina Sapia

Board members present: Patt Seleen, Diane Ziemer, Michele Brougher, George Hagemann, Gina Sapia, Paul Frenz, Pete May and Gary Stang

Also present: Roger Fickbohm, Hugh Gitlin, Doug Nelson, Loren Stark, and Pete Hawkins

Roger made a correction regarding the gift made to the PKD Foundation in memory of Terry Quam. Also, George made a correction noting that the Minneapolis trail proposal is for the LRT re-route and Minneapolis trail. George made a motion to accept the minutes with the above changes, Michele seconded, and it was unanimously approved.

Roger gave his treasurer’s report for the month of December. He went over the balance sheet, income statement and cash disbursements ledger. Highlights included the club’s checking account balance as of today and savings account balance Roger will be gone the months of March and April and Tom Brix will take over the treasurer duties while Roger’s away. Roger and Tom will meet to go over all of the duties Tom will be responsible for. Tom will attend the February board meeting.

Ginny Halloran has joined the sponsorship committee. She has agreed to also take on the quarterly invoicing for our advertising sponsors. Gina billed the sponsors for the 1st quarter and will train Ginny going forward.


National Bike Summit
The summit is March 4-6, 2013 in Washington D.C. This year, five people are interested in attending so the board feels that it is reasonable to send three. Gary made a motion to increase the number of people to attend the summit to three, Michele seconded, and it was unanimously approved. Each board member voted for 3 of the 5 people interested in attending. The 3 individuals who received the most votes are Paul Frenz, Patt Seleen, and Loren Stark.

Paul feels it will cost approximately $1,300 per person to attend the summit. This covers registration, air fare and lodging. The budget may have to be adjusted to accommodate these costs.

Calendar committee technology review and recommendation - Michele Brougher
Michele went over the committee’s review and recommendations for an upgraded club ride calendar. There has been significant technology advances in the past five years so the calendar is beginning to show its age. Also, the software platform is now obsolete and is no longer being maintained by Microsoft. It’s also in an unsupportable configuration and is beginning to crash quite often. The committee feels the current calendar needs to be upgraded by April and prior to the ride leader forum. She noted that the club calendar receives 60,000 to 70,000 hits per month during the busy cycling season. Michele went over the requirements that would be necessary.

George made a motion to approve the purchase of Helios software and an additional $500 for other related costs. Paul seconded and it was unanimously approved.

Website – Discuss about updating
The website is very dated and needs to be updated. After some discussion, the board decided it would be best to put a call out to our members to see if anyone is interested and has experience in web development as a volunteer. Patt will submit this for the next eNews. Eventually, a committee will be established to handle the project.

Recognition Banquet Awards recommendations – Michele, Gina McCrone & Diane
Michele and Diane explained how the banquet is different this year. This year’s them is the Million Miles and how we got there as a club. There will be some awards similar to prior years but will also have some new awards to mix things up. The idea is to have more awards so more people can be recognized for their accomplishments. Michele is compiling some interesting statistics that people will find interesting. There will also be recognition for the ride leaders.

Michele will put together her slides and send to Patt who is compiling the power point presentation.

Medals report – Loren Stark
Loren explained that the $2,100 was spent last year for the 2011 trophies, medals and medallions. He isn’t sure yet what the cost will be for this year. As of today, 120 people have opted in to receive a medal. In 2011, there were 300+ medals purchased.

Nature Valley Bicycle Festival – TCBC Sponsor Proposal – Hugh Gitlin
Pete May went over the major changes to the sponsor proposal. NVBF will advertise the TCBC rides that our club suggests for racers as they are good rides for training. The board feels it’s important that the TCBC ride rules are displayed on the website as riders must adhere to them.

Michele made a motion to accept the NVBF sponsor proposal, George seconded, and it was unanimously approved.

Advertising on the Ride Stats page
We now have 13 sponsors who have paid for web advertising.
The sponsorship committee suggests that we advertise on the overnight trips page and ride key page.

Advertising – Bike and Hike Publication
The bike and hike pub would like to barter advertising space in their publication in exchange for advertising on our website. The board feels it is appropriate to advertise TCBC in their publication and also advertise them in our newsletter. Patt will work with Russ to get the best deal she can shooting for ½ page for TCBC.

All Club Ride
Doug was able to reserve a new location for ride start the May All-Club ride at Turtle Lake Park.

Schedule Events for 2013-2014
The following events have been scheduled:
Volunteer picnic – 8/12
Annual meeting – 11/3
Recognition banquet – 2/8
There was discussion that the annual meeting should be moved to somewhere more festive where alcohol is served, the Summit Brewery for example. This will be looked into and discussed later in the year.

New Club Brochure
We are out of brochures. Steve Scott is working on a new one. Patt will bring a copy of the new brochure to the board once it is complete.

Patt would like to form a nominating committee. Paul Frenz is willing to chair the committee.

Ride Posting Times – Diane Ziemer
Diane explained that she’s been approached about the 96-hour rule. Ride leaders are finding it difficult to post their rides within that time frame due to work schedules, etc. She suggested changing it to 84 hours instead of 96. After some board discussion, Michele made a motion to change the rule to 84- hours effective immediately, Paul seconded, and it was unanimously approved.


Activity News
Doug has nothing to do. There is no newsletter this month.

Patt expressed her gratitude to Doug and Steve for all of their hard work. The online newsletter looks great.

Volunteer needs
Diane shared that Paul Huntington has volunteered to be the Iron Man event coordinator.

Meeting adjourned at 8:46pm