Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting

May 3, 2016

Life Link III Board Room

Attendance/Call to Order


Board Members Present: George Blank, Roger Fickbohm, Fran Rabe, Kasey Kramer, Mike Kubes, Pete May, Shelby Miller, Paul Frenz

Board Members Not Present: Edward Eroe, Diane Ziemer

Non-Board Members Present: Doug Nelson, Steve Scott

The meeting was called to order at 6:31pm

The meeting minutes from April were reviewed. There were no errors. Pete moved to approve the minutes, and it was seconded by Mike. Motion passes, no opposition.

Treasurer’s Report

The Post Office has changed some rules, so the club no longer has to pay a permit charge for mailing, which should save us some money. Roger reviewed the financial data with the board. All accounts are up to date and bills paid. Tom Brix took care of check processing during February and March, and everything went well. More sponsors are paying with credit cards. This has increased costs for the club, but it is so much easier for everyone involved.

Overall we are on budget on expenses, which is a favorable.

Membership Report:

The board reviewed the March numbers from Mary. Total membership numbers down, but not by much. No data for April numbers were available. The board will review next month.

New Business

Pete May presented an idea that was suggested by Ginny Halloran to the board. He was contacted by a local bike shop, and they suggested an idea to him. If someone bought a new bike from a local bike shop, then the club could give that person a free year of club membership with the purchase of a new bike. Some thoughts were brought up by the board. The free membership should not be given to kids. How/what do we give to the actual customer/bike shop? Letter? Certificate? Or is it all done online?

We will need to iron out the details of the concept, and will need to discuss with Ginny and someone from membership. We should also discuss with Pete Hawkins. We may need to try this out with a few bike shops, and see if it works.

A group will develop this idea. Pete will be part of this group, along with someone from membership and maybe someone from sponsorship.

AAA Partnership

Fran was contacted by AAA, they have some children’s helmets they would like to donate. This could be good at the Watermelon ride or the St Paul Bike Classic. These helmets might be more suited for a different group or organization. Fran will contact AAA and discuss with them.

Lifetime Fitness

Roger presented to the board a potential idea/partnership with Lifetime fitness. Currently many of the Lifetime locations have weekly rides from their gym’s. We are looking to “join forces” and lead our rides from the gym. We would have some sort of partnership with the gym, perhaps give their members a free ride with the club and our members could get a free spin class in the winter. Fran will arrange a meeting. Kasey offered to help with this meeting/partnership if needed.

84 Hour Rule

Fran addressed the board on this subject. We need to give Jim and Kate an opportunity to voice an opinion on this topic. The plan is to invite people who want the time limit lowered to write their ideas down and give all people involved a chance to present information. This will be done at the June meeting.

Corporate Wellness Activities

Mike attended the Hypertherm corporate wellness fair, and gave his recap to the board. Many of the people attending the fair have young children. They are looking mostly for kid friendly rides or afternoon rides.

There are two upcoming events: Advantage Health on June 15th and the Airport Firefighters (date not yet known).

Watermelon Ride

Doug presented to the board regarding the upcoming Watermelon Ride. There has been 1 committee meeting so far. They are not planning many changes. We will be doing t-shirts this year for volunteers and people who want to buy them. A volunteer sign up will be posted online as soon as it’s available.

Strategic Planning

Fran spoke on this subject. She reviewed final ideas and updates from the meeting. There will be an update for members to be published in the next newsletter.

July Meeting

Should we cancel the July meeting? There was no opposition to this. The July meeting has been canceled. Kasey will remove it from the calendar.



Deadline for articles is next Wednesday. The next issue will have lots of ads, the issue will run to 24 pages this time. We didn’t want to lose any articles.

Upcoming Events

Spring All Club Ride is May 28th.

Watermelon Ride is July 4th

Next Board Meeting is June 7th.

Fran adjourned the meeting at 7:45pm.

Meeting minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer.