Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting

March 8, 2016

Life Link III Board Room

Attendance/Call to Order

Board Members Present: Fran Rabe, Edward Eroe, George Blank, Kasey Kramer, Mike Kubes, Diane Ziemer, Shelby Miller, Paul Frenz.

Board Members Not Present: Pete May, Roger Fickbohm

Non Board Members Present: Mark Thornsjo, Doug Nelson, Bob Fix, Pete Hawkins

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm

The minutes from the last board meeting were reviewed. There was one wording revision. A motion was made to accept the amended minutes by Mike, and seconded by Diane. Motion passed with no opposition.

Treasurer’s Report

There was no report as Roger was not at the meeting. He will review documents with the board when he returns.

Technology Committee

Bob Fix presented for the technology committee. There will be no changes to ride stats that will be implemented in this riding year. Michelle is working on a new system. There are difficulties getting the coding/security certificate due to a lack of a physical address for the club.

This year’s rides are being entered into the system. Bob will contact Michelle regarding weather we need more people entering ride stats and who trains these people. Can we generate a report showing rides that have not been submitted to ride stats, so that we can keep on top of rides that are just sitting in limbo? We would also like to check if it’s possible to change the website so that when leaders submit a ride they can only pick one ride category.

Membership Reports

Numbers continue to trend down, but this is a slow time of year. Doug received an email from a rider regarding membership, who wrote an article regarding membership that may go in the newsletter. The board will consider submission of the article.

New Business

Tax Filing

The board members reviewed a copy of the tax return. There were a few typo errors, and we need to change the P O Box. Some questions were brought up about donations made. The errors will be fixed and return sent in.

Letter from State Rep

Paul and the safety committee received a letter from Phyllis Kahn, a Minnesota State Representative, regarding adopting what are commonly known as “Idaho bike laws” regarding bicyclists and traffic. She is not willing to pursue this without bike club support. However, it is a short legislative session this year, and it is not likely that anything will happen with the law. The club will not be supporting it at this time, but be willing to do so at a later date.

Corporate Wellness Partnership Proposal

Mark Thornsjo presented to the board regarding this. He proposed that TCBC partner with area business and their wellness programs. The club may be able to get new sponsors/advertisers along with potential new members by partnering with wellness programs that employers offer to their workers. The board thought this an interesting and promising idea. Mark is to reach out to local businesses and report back with any findings.

Randonneur Rides on TCBC Calendar

Pete Hawkins presented on this topic.

Randonneur riders now get insurance through the RUSA. There is a new proposal regarding the relationship between TCBC and RUSA. The new proposal is:

“In light of the recent RUSA insurance and membership changes which affect the existing relationship between TCBC and the MN Randonneurs, the TCBC Board agrees to give the MN Randonneurs the status of a TCBC Supported Organization and gives them a blanket approval to list on the TCBC ride calendar any or all of their rides of 200K and under (with the exception of Night rides) as TCBC Outreach Rides as long as they clearly state in each ride description that these rides are not TCBC Rides and they are not covered by TCBC insurance. It must also be made clear that there is no charge to MN Randonneur non-members on these rides under 200K (called Populairs), but there is a non-member charge of $5 for any MN Randonneur ride of 200K and above. Also, that there must be a TCBC Ride leader present at the start of each ride to provide the opportunity for TCBC members to sign a TCBC Ride Report Sheet so they can receive TCBC Mileage Credit for doing the ride.”

A motion was made by Paul to accept the proposal. It was seconded by Kasey. There was no opposition, the motion passed.

Co-Leader Liaison

Presented by Pete H.

Patt Seleen would like to be more involved in the club, and would like to become a leader liaison. No one brought forth any issues with this idea. Paul moved to make the appointment, and it was seconded by Edward. No opposition.

Fix Studio Partnership

Pete H has been in contact with Sophie from Fix studios, regarding leading training rides from Fix. She will be taking TCBC ride leader training, and will have a current ride leader co-leading rides with her for at least 4 rides. She will be offering monthly training rides that will be for women only.

Ride Leader Training

Pete H presenting again. Our first 2 sessions were cancelled, but other sessions have had several people. We may need to have one more after the ride leader forum.

Volunteer Update

Mike Kubes addressed the board regarding volunteers.

Valerie will get her own volunteers for the swap meet.

2 people signed up to volunteer at Ironman. Will look for more volunteers at ride leader forum.

Other Business


The jersey store is open. We will not take jerseys to bike stores this year. For help with sizing there will be size chart and videos online. Otherwise Podium will allow people to make appointment to go try on jerseys at Podium. Instructions on how to make an appointment will go on the website.


The new tent mock up comes in at around $3000, which exceeds the $800 budgeted amount. If we take off the side panels and back panel the cost would be closer to $1900. We can get a pop up tent from local stores for much cheaper and get a printed banner with the clubs logo and attach it to the tent. Paul felt the original tent looked much sturdier and would last longer. Side rails may not be needed as they would not be seen when the tent is sitting in a row next to other tents. We will look at the budget to see if there is any money from other areas that we could shift to the tent budget.

Strategic Planning Meeting

The meeting needs to be rescheduled. The board rescheduled this to March 29 at 6pm at Life Link III Board Room.


Doug talked about the May issue, which will be a big issue, and go to Ironman pre-registrants. Any articles or items for the newsletter need to be to Doug by April 5.

Shorten Ride Submission Times

There were many requests again to shorten the time needed to submit a ride to the calendar. Bob will check to see how database programming may be impacted. If we decided to continue down this path, based on programing impact, Fran will talk to Jim again.

Upcoming Events

Swap Meet on March 26th

Ironman Bike Ride on April 24th

Next Board Meeting will be April 5th

A motion was made to adjourn by Diane, seconded by Mike. Meeting adjourned at 8:52pm.

Minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer

Edited 3/31/16 FR