Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting

February 2, 2016

Life LinK III Board Room

Attendance/Call to Order:

Board Members Present: Paul Frenz, Pete May, Mike Kubes, Fran Rabe, Shelby Miller, Diane Ziemer, Edward Eroe, Kasey Kramer.

Board Members not Present: George Blank, Roger Fickbohm.

Non Members Present: Steve Scott, Doug Nelson, Pete Hawkins, Bob Fix, Hugh Gitlin, Mary Derks.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30


The minutes from the January meeting were reviewed. There were a few spelling errors to be corrected. Pete M made a motion for the minutes to be accepted with the suggested amendments. The motion was seconded by Mike. No opposition, the motion passed.

Treasurers Report:

A report was not provided due to Roger’s absence.

Sponsorship Report

Kate Kovar provided the Sponsorship report via teleconference. She highlighted the history of the sponsorship committee and talked about changes to sponsors in 2015. She shared the sponsor changes from 2015 to 2016. We lost one titanium level sponsor, and 2 steel level sponsors. We also gained two steel level sponsors, and 4 marketplace level sponsors.

Some ideas were brought up and discussed by various board members regarding riding and sponsors. We would like ride leaders to support the sponsors by starting rides at the sponsor shops. Shelby asked if we track the number of rides from sponsors, and Paul suggested perhaps bike shop sponsors could offer maintenance by mechanics in their shops right before rides leaving from a sponsor’s store.

Mike suggested Bob’s Java Hut as a potential sponsor, as they have emailed the board about stopping there on club rides.

Questions were posed regarding eliminating the ride schedule totally from the newsletter. Kate felt we would need a plan to present to sponsors to demonstrate to them that people still use the newsletter, and therefore see the ads. Pete H suggested the newsletter could include articles in the from LAB, etc. Focus more articles on safety, maintenance, rides and trips, etc. Kate warned not to make changes too fast.

Membership Report

Mary Derks provided the membership report to the board. Membership numbers are down by about 6% (total membership). Membership has declined a total of 16% since 2011. Diane questioned if raising the rates is causing any decline? Pete M asked if there was any data about club average age. Fran raised the question whether we should be directing increased membership towards younger riders rather than older riders. Bob suggested we work with Randall’s group since they have many younger members. Mike suggested re-doing the club brochure. And Kate brought up the possibility of surveys, perhaps asking people why they didn’t renew membership. A small sub-committee will be formed to address these issues. (Shelby, Edward, Mike, Fran and Paul) Ideally have something in April for the board meeting.

Technology Committee

Mary Derks and Bob Fix presented. We are continuing with the old system as the new system is not ready yet. Diane asked if we have enough people doing ride stats? Will probably need some help come summer. Another update will be presented at the next board meeting.

New Business

Banquet Report:

Looking at having annual meeting at same facility.


Should we have another club jersey store? We will need to send out fit kits so people are ordering the right size. Maybe have a size chart on the website, or reviews from others who bought previously. The club should buy a jersey to display when our booth is up.

Change in Ride Cancellation “reason” on Website:

We are currently not tracking or using this information, so we will be getting rid of it.

Spring All Club Ride:

Should we have the ride in the same location or should we move to a different spot? Some potential locations were suggested (Shoreview, Battle Creek, Woodbury…). Bonnie Shoebottom has been contacted and does not have any concerns/desire to change the location of the ride. The board discussed and decided to keep it in the same location as last year, but re-do the route/maps to avoid the road where there the crash occurred.

Strategic Planning Meeting:

The strategic planning meeting will be March 15th at Life Link board room @6pm. Food will be provided.


Write up about the banquet will be in next newsletter. Something should be put in about jersey store being open again.

New Tent:

The old tent is dying a slow and painful death. A mockup of the new tent was displayed. Mike will get a quote for the new tent.

Pete H presented several things to the board. First, regarding the new ride leader training sessions. Two classes have had to be cancelled due to lack of interest. Next class in on the 28th, and another on March 12th. Second, some fees from the club insurance are going up.

Next, the Randonneurs now have insurance through Randonneur’s Association. We may lose some members because of this.

Fix Studio would like to have some women only rides from their cycling studio. Is this ok? Fix staff are planning on taking TCBC Ride Leader Training. Some of their trainers will come along to offer expertise on the rides.

Parks and Trails inquired if we wish to continue to advertise in their publication. We will do an ad similar to last year. An ad for the watermelon ride and a link to the website.


Does the club need a new brochure? The board discussed and felt that yes, we need a new one. We decided not to use a lot of pictures, go with a “less is more” approach. Use of a QR code is an option that takes you right to the website. Bullet points of the club would be featured, and it could be postcard size. Maybe be in the colors of the jersey, and feature the sponsor’s logos. Pete M, Mike, Steve to work on this. Present a draft at the next meeting. Mike made a motion for the new brochure, and it was seconded by Diane. No opposition, the motion passed.

Hugh Gitlin presented some information regarding the North Star Bicycle Fest. It will run June 13 to 19th. There will be links to the festival on the club website. TCBC will have a booth at all festival stages. The club will offer free rides for non-members during the week of the festival to commemorate “Recreational Bicycling Week”

Upcoming Events

Swap Meet coming up on March 26th.

Next board meeting will be March 8th.

Adjourn Meeting

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Diane and seconded by Pete M.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm.


Minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer.

3/8/16 version