Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting
Dec 1st, 2015
Life Link III Board Room

Attendance/Call to Order

Members Present: Paul Frenz, George Blank, Shelby Miller, Pete May, Edward Eroe, Fran Rabe, Diane Ziemer, Kasey Kramer, Mike Kubes.

Non Member present: Roger Fickbohm, Doug Nelson, Pete Hawkins, Bob Fix.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 by Fran.


The November 10th meeting minutes were reviewed. There was one spelling error, and last initials needed to be added in some areas since we have two Pete’s. A Motion was made by Mike to accept the minutes with the above amendments. It was seconded by Diane. Motion passed, no opposition.

Fran suggested, due to the difficulty of getting numbers, that the board would review membership data and financial data with a one month lag. So we would run one month behind what we currently review. Roger felt that financial data should stay as is, but membership could be done with a one month lag.



An email from Kate Kovar reviewed sponsors we have gained and lost. We will be losing some money due to the level of sponsors we have lost. But we are still working on some more sponsors. Pete M suggested via Mary Derks rotating the 3rd Titanium sponsor spot and ads amongst multiple sponsors. Discussion was made about eliminating mail in RSVP for the awards banquet.

Treasurer’s Report:

Roger reviewed financial data and account balances with the board. There are two new check signers, and the safety deposit box was also recently reviewed. Some old documents were shredded. Budget numbers were also looked at. Roger showed the club’s profit and loss numbers. Revenue is up, printing costs are down due to fewer postcards for the annual meeting. Roger noted the costs of his reports. We can cut down on this by not printing reports for each board meeting. But rather display them on the projector.


Ginny Halloran did an audit of the 2015 financials. Her report says all looks good. The report will be placed with the other financial files. George questioned putting it on the website. Mike will write up a thank you and put it in the recognition corner. Questions from Pete H. about the saving and accessibility of documents for further use. Diane stated she hopes for future work on a central document system or cloud based system we can use. All current documents are being scanned and saved. All financial data are saved and backed up by Roger. Fran felt we should keep going with what we are doing.

Ride Submissions

Pete H discussed the subject of ride submission time with the board. He had a discussion with Jim Pederson and Kate Kovar regarding this. They felt it would be best to leave ride submission time as is for now for several reasons. Changing the current deadline as previously discussed would make the new deadline at 10am the next day, when many ride leaders are busy at work. Jim also felt that many ride leaders are waiting to the last minute to post rides to see what other rides leaders will post. Changing the deadline will not change this behavior. As for leaders submitting their own rides, Jim stated he is constantly correcting ride submissions, and felt that ride leaders submitting their own would be problematic. From a risk management standpoint it is not a good idea. Pete H. and Jim recommended we leave things as is. Jim also felt the ride listings in the newsletter were meaningless. Diane brought up the idea of running an image of the website calendar in the newsletter to show a more accurate schedule. Pete M was worried sponsors would not advertise in the newsletter if we dropped the ride schedule from the newsletter completely. Dropping the ride calendar would need to be run past sponsorship. Other ideas discussed were: more mountain bike and gravel rides, more images of rides to attract younger riders. A newsletter calendar that excludes daily rides and only has things like board meeting, outreach rides, and overnight trips on it. Also suggested was using a QR code in the newsletter. Pete H suggested a committee to plan and implement some ideas. Ideas should be run past sponsorship. Doug to print a mock up showing a sample summer schedule for board to view and approve at next meeting. This could potentially be featured in the newsletter. The December issue will be regular format. Long term approach and a committee will be discussed then.

Bike U

We did not hear back from Bob Brown on the Bike U presentations. There is another one coming up this Thursday.


Evie Walters sent out a list of event coordinator duties, Mike K will finalize and save for new event coordinator. He will put volunteer job descriptions on the website for potential volunteers to view.


Diane will do banquet promo for newsletter. Annual meeting recap will come from Dan Miller. Doug to talk to sponsorship committee about articles in the newsletter featuring sponsors.

Pete M volunteered to gather nominations for the volunteer of the year award. Everyone should send their nominations to him by 28th of December. Diane talked about ride sheets. There is a list of about 24 or so rides that are still listed as “open”. Missing ride sheets possible due to a ride being done with more than one ride category, but only one ride sheet is submitted. Or most likely they are cancelled rides. Bob Fix said the system probably has some glitches that can cause this. Shelby is to contact Randal H regarding one ride leaders missing rides. After that, Diane will contact Michelle and tell her to cancel the missing rides and run final numbers.

Diane showed the board some reports that Michelle sent showing member activity broken down by number of rides. These new reports will help the board track data about who is riding and when. The reports can be pulled by someone other than Michelle to help save time.

Upcoming Events:

Banquet on January 30th. Banquet committee meeting tomorrow night. A few ideas were thrown around regarding ride leader gift. Submit any ideas to Fran.

Paul noted a volunteer was not invited to the VIP picnic who felt they should have been. Paul recommended we look closer at who we invite.

Edward made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Pete M seconded the motion. No opposition. Meeting adjourned at 8:45.


Minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer