Minutes of the Twin Cities Bicycle Club Annual Meeting

November 8th, 2015

Held at St Louis Park Community Center, St Louis Park, MN

Recorder: Kasey Kramer

Roll Call and Proof of Notice of Meeting

TCBC president, Diane Ziemer called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. Quorum was met with approx. 175 members in attendance. Diane presented proof of notice postcard on the overhead projector. Diane gave special thanks to those who RSVP’d to the meeting via the new email notification.

Introduction of Directors

Diane Ziemer introduced the 2015 TCBC board members: George Blank, Edward Eroe, Paul Frenz, George Hagemann, Kasey Kramer, Pete May, Gina McCrone, and Diane Ziemer. George Hagemann, Fran Rabe and Gina McCrone were absent.

Reading of Minutes of the 2014 meeting

Copies of the 2014 annual meeting minutes were placed on each table at the start of the meeting. Kasey Kramer asked if anyone had any changes. There were none made. Kasey asked for approval of the minutes. A motion was made by Clareyse Nelson to approve, and was seconded by Jarrod Elston. No opposition to the minutes was noted, the minutes were approved.

Reports of Officers

2015 Year in Review

Diane Ziemer presented the highlights of the past year, starting with celebrating 821,000 miles at the recognition banquet. There was a moment of silence to remember the riders that the club lost this past year. Diane thanked all for their help and support of all the family members of the riders we lost. The new club jerseys were displayed. Diane also brought up the new location of the All Club ride, and the new approach to ride leader training. Diane and Steve Scott attended the MN Bike Pedal conference this year. The Watermelon ride was a success. Thanks were sent out to Tom Brix for organizing the fall All Club Ride. And for the second consecutive year, the club has a balanced budget!!

2015 Charitable Contributions by TCBC

Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota, Cycles for Change, Free Bikes 4 Kids, Gateway Brown Creek Association, League of American Bicyclists, Midtown Greenway Coalition, Parks and Trail Council of Minnesota, Spokes and Transit for Livable Communities.

Changes made in 2015

Diane Ziemer outlined the changes the club made last year. The newsletter went from 10 issues to 8. The club designed a new ride key, as well as a new ride leader forum. The club will advertise with Minneapolis Parks and Trail magazine. There is also a non-compete policy for club Outreach Rides. No rides can be led from the same area that an Outreach ride is being led from. The club revised the language for the minor’s policy, and we found new Watermelon and Bike U coordinators, Laurie Holmes and Bob Brown. This was the inaugural notification of the annual meeting via e-mail, and Diane thanked everyone in membership for making it possible. And last Diane touched on the new operating reserve for club finances.

Looking Ahead-2016

Diane Ziemer explained that the ride leader survey discussed last year did not go out, but both mileage and rides are up from last year. There will be a focus on safety, including more articles in the newsletter about safety, and encouraging ride leaders to enforce safety. There will be a new tech committee formed, led by Bob Fix. The club will see improvement and upgrades to Ride Stats, as well as developing new club brochures.


Roger Fickbohm presented the financial information for the club. He discussed the new operating reserve account, which will move money from the savings account into a new restricted operating account (this will be maintained in the same account however it will be recorded separately on the balance sheet.) This account will hold approximately 6 months of club operating costs in reserve if needed. He reviewed income and expenses for 2014 compared to 2015, and also reviewed the budget for 2016. We had a balanced budget for the year. He also reviewed profit and loss by class. Roger also introduced Ginny Halloran, who will be the clubs new financial consultant, replacing Gina Sapia.

Reports of Committees


Pete May presented the membership summary. Membership has dropped about 5%, as in previous years. Pete noted we are still a strong club, however he suggested recommending the club to friends and family to increase membership, he also touched on online functionality. Pete thanked the volunteers on the membership committee: Mary Derks, Scott Larson, and Kristi Linder.


Ginny Halloran presented from the sponsorship committee. She reviewed the revenue for the year, there was no increase in advertisement rates. We also added a credit card option for sponsors to pay fees vs writing checks. The logos of all our sponsors were displayed, with a big thank you to all sponsors. Chilkoot Cycles in Stillwater and Gear West in Long Lake are our two new sponsors this year. All event sponsors this year had rides that were featured as Outreach rides by the club. Use our sponsor stores, use coupons, and lead rides from the stores. Ginny thanked everyone on the sponsorship committee.

Ride Stats

Edward Eroe shared that club mileage is better this year compared to last, but not as good as previous years. The club will enter into a contract with Michelle Brougher to enhance and upgrade the current system. Working on giving leaders the ability/option to enter ride sheets themselves. There will be new email address for specifically addressing ride stat questions. Edward encouraged ride leaders to enter ride sheets within 2 weeks of rides, and to remember to submit separate ride sheets for each level of rides if it is a multiple category ride. He also reminded everyone to renew their membership BEFORE it expires.


Paul Frenz gave the safety report. The ride leader briefing card was displayed. This should be read before every ride. Please stress not to ride too close to other riders. Reported accidents were displayed. Only accidents where the accident survey had been filled out are reported. There were 14 total accidents this year, 13 falls and 1 cut.


Mike Kubes presented the volunteer report. Special thanks to all who volunteered from Mike! He displayed events and activities where volunteers are needed, including Ironman, North Star Bicycle Festival, and Watermelon ride. He asked for help getting the club involved in Open Streets in Minneapolis. Upcoming needs were displayed. Anyone can check out the website to volunteer on the club website.

Bike U

Bob Brown is the new Bike U coordinator. 2 upcoming events in November. Both regarding winter biking. Upcoming topics include bike fit, field repair, touring program. Looking for presenters regarding bike traveling/ touring. Contact Bob if you have ideas you would like to see.

Newsletter Report

Doug Nelson gave a newsletter report. The number of issues has been cut down. No issues this year longer than 20 pages. Big thanks to all who helped with the newsletter. They always need more writers and photos. Doug sent out a very big thanks to Steve Scott for all his help on the newsletter.

Ride Leader Committee

Pete Hawkins gave the ride leader report. This year the club had 4 training classes throughout the spring. Mike Beadles, Pete Hawkins, Tom Melcher, and Pat Seleen did the instruction. There were 27 new ride leaders trained. 197 total ride leaders for 2015. The ride leader forum dates will be announced for all ride leaders who want to maintain their status. Diane touched on the e-news and thanked Amy Sitze for all her help.

Election of Directors

George Blank presented the new nominees for the board of directors. They were Fran Rabe, Shelby Miller, Mike Kubes, and Edward Eroe. A motion to accept the new directors was made by Jarrod Elston, and seconded by Mark Thornsjo. There was no opposition. New directors were accepted. A thank you was sent out to the two outgoing board members.


Kasey Kramer presented the announcements. These included the upcoming award banquet at a new location, and the swap meet in March of 2016. Members must opt in for a mileage medal at the awards banquet. You can do this online.

Pete Hawkins intercepted the microphone to thank Diane Ziemer for her two years of serving as president, and everyone applauded.

Special thanks was sent out to Evie for coordinating the meeting, and for all volunteers who helped set the meeting up. Thanks also to the board.

A motion was made by Mary Miller to adjourn, seconded by Mike Kubes. Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm.