Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting
Life Link III Board Room

Attendance/Call to Order

Board Members Present:
Diane Ziemer, Paul Frenz, Pete May, Edward Eroe, Mike Kubes, George Blank, Shelby Miller, Kasey Kramer.

Board Members not present:
Fran Rabe

Non-Members Present:
Pete Hawkins, Doug Nelson, Bob Fix, Roger Fickbohm, Scott Larson, Mary Derks

The Meeting was called to order at 6:30 by Diane Z.

October 6, 2015 minutes were reviewed. There were several amendments. One spelling error, Laurie Holm’s name was misspelled. The location of the banquet is incorrect, it should be in Lakeville. Remove the section in previous meeting minutes about two members paying their membership fee. Pete Hawkins recommended keeping the names of the accounts for new operating reserve consistent for future use. A motion was made by Pete to accept the minutes with amendments, and seconded by Paul. Motion passed.


Treasurers Report

Roger reviewed the balance sheets. Money has been transferred into a new operating reserve account. Roger questioned whether we wanted 1 checking and 2 separate savings accounts, or 1 savings account that always has at least the reserve amount in it. If a new account is added, books must reconciled and audited. Board would have to approve using this money. Diane stated the board would have to amend the language of the board resolution. It should read “Club Restricted and Unrestricted savings shall be maintained in a single savings account. These 2 funds will be recorded separately on club balance sheets.” Motion to change/amend the resolution was made by George, and seconded by Mike. No opposition. Motion passed.

All bank accounts are reconciled, one uncashed check. As George H is leaving the board we need a new check signer. Diane Ziemer volunteered to do this. It was decided Tom Brix should also be able to do this as he is back up treasurer. Ginny did an audit at the end of October, all went well. Pete questioned if there still was a policy of the President being able to sign checks up to 500 dollars. Balance sheets and checking accounts were reviewed. Roger purchased a new flash drive to store financial data on. Replaces clunky folders.


Reviewed membership numbers. Still show slow decline. Mary expressed concern about declining membership and how it will affect sponsors. Using social media more was suggested, and well as using younger people in the newsletter, to attract younger members. Paul felt more fat tire, gravel, and mountain bike rides may attract more members. Bob asked if the club ever did a survey of non-renewing riders. He felt feedback could help membership. It was also suggested to change the required time needed to post a ride to the calendar. Change to 48 hours if possible, or to allow ride leaders to post rides to the schedule themselves. Diane favored shortening ride posting times. Shelby suggested a new committee for making up a survey. Pete H. will discuss with Jim P. about shortening ride posting times. Concern that newsletter schedule is not representative of actual schedule. A suggestion was made to post an image of the real schedule in the newsletter.

Ride Stats Meeting

Mary reported on this. She felt the meeting with Michelle went well. There will be a meeting next week with the developer to move the project forward. Need to try to get ride leaders to put ride sheets in within 2 weeks if possible. There are still some outstanding rides. There will be a “drop dead date” of December 1st. After this date, ride sheets from the past biking season will no longer be accepted.

Board Officers Vote

Fran was contacted via phone conference. Diane nominated Fran for next president. She is willing (if not yet able). It was recommended for Diane to be vice-president for one year, then have someone else move up into the role, someone who is interested in taking the role of president one day. Diane accepted. Kasey was nominated to be secretary. Motion was made by George, and seconded by Pete M. No opposition, motion passed.

Volunteer Report

2 volunteers already for banquet committee that signed up during annual meeting. Mike is interested in getting info on Minneapolis open streets. He thinks it would be good for the club to get involved in this next year. Diane suggested putting this on the website, and Paul offered to talk to the Minneapolis Bike Coalition.


New stuff for next newsletter due December 7th. Would like an article on the awards banquet. Will discuss at next board meeting.

A motion was made by Pete M. to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Kasey. Meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm