Tuesday September 1, 2015 6:30 PM
Location: Life Link Board Room

Board Members
George Blank, Edward Eroe, Gina McCrone, Kasey Kramer, Pete May, Fran Rabe, Diane Ziemer

Absent Board Members:
Paul Frenz, George Hagemann

Non-Board Members Present:
Roger Fickbohm, Pete Hawkins, Mike Kubes, Doug Nelson, Jim Pederson, Steve Scott

Meeting called to order at 6:29.


August Board Minutes

The August, 2015 Board Minutes were not available for review due to loss of the electronic file. Those in attendance at the 9/2/15 minutes helped regenerate the material and discussion related to activity of that meeting. The draft minutes will be presented to the Board as soon as they have been regenerated. They will be approved via review of the electronically regenerated document.



Treasurers Report – Roger

The current status of the budget was reported. Refer to the report dated August, 2015 for detail.

Roger will provide a list of charitable contributions made in 2014.

We will need to order brochures for next year, as we no longer have any in inventory.

The Finance Committee meeting is pending.

Rider leader submission of printing/miscellaneous expenses will be submitted in the month of October per the described ride leader protocol.

The League of American Bicycles National Bike Summit, is held in Washington DC annually. In some previous years we have sent a TCBC representative. We need to decide if we want to send someone in the next fiscal year. This will part of the budget considerations.

The need for new/additional promotional items was discussed in general terms.

Membership Report – Diane

The report was received by Diane immediately prior to the meeting. There was not sufficient time to disseminate it to the Board or meeting attendees. The report dated August, 2015 was verbally summarized by Diane. There appeared to an overall decrease in membership, although it was not felt to be of significance. We did not receive June or July detailed reports. Diane stated the importance of having someone from Membership Report at the Annual Meeting this year since that has not been done by a committee member for the past couple of years. Diane made the request to membership on Monday night.

Volunteer Report – Mike Kubes

We need one more volunteer person for St. Paul Classic.

We have met all volunteer needs for Eriks Warehouse Sale.

We have met the need for volunteers at the All Club Ride. (Which All Club Ride?)

Halloween Ride- Gina

The final location was confirmed during the meeting to be Brackett Park in Minneapolis, the same location used as last year. Diane will contact Mike Kubes to assist with a shorter route.

Annual Meeting- Diane

The St. Louis Park Recreational Center has been secured for the November 8th, 2015, Annual Meeting. We will utilize Lisa’s catering again (used last year). The agenda and presenters for the meeting have yet to be determined.

We have a solution to membership email notification of the Annual Meeting. A cover letter will be sent to all members asking if they consent. A draft of the proposed letter will be sent to the Board for their review and approval.



Board Candidates

We have 2 total interested applicants. Their applications will be disseminated to the Board by Diane. We anticipate having 2 positions to fill.

Randonneur Committee

Pete H. has reviewed the proposed Randonneur Committee Schedule for 2016 and does not see any conflicts with TCBC policies or scheduled events. Pete would like the Board to review and provide their input. Diane will distribute the schedule to the voting board members for their review.

Ride Stats

Discussion came up again regarding Ride Stats. We need to have a short-term and long-term plan related to handling of ride stats. There is no longer a formal committee. Diane and Fran plan to set up a meeting with Michele to discuss this.

Ride Safety Concerns

Safety concerns related to a group running a red light and scaring a pedestrian in the cross-walk was discussed. Pete H. will remind members of safety and pedestrian rights-of-way at the Enchilada ride briefing.

VIP Picnic

The picnic is scheduled for September 21st at Island Lake Shelter #1 in Shoreview. Diane to send out evites this week to Key Volunteers and Gina is ordering food. Kasey volunteered to coordinate obtaining the beverages.

Volunteer Ownership

The issue surrounding volunteer ownership of material/product developed while serving in the capacity of a TCBC volunteer was discussed.

New Membership

“Meet-up-Rides” were discussed. The purpose and potential link with TCBC was discussed.


Meeting Adjourn

The meeting was moved for adjournment at 844 pm. Pete M moved to adjourn and Kasey seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Next Board Meeting
• October 6th 6:30PM – Life Link Board Room