Tuesday, June 2, 2015 6:31 PM
Life Link III Board Room

Attendance/Call to Order

Board Members Present:

Diane Ziemer, George Blank, Edward Eroe, Paul Frenz, George Hagemann ,Kasey Kramer, Pete May, Gina McCrone, Fran Rabe

Non-Board Members Present

Pete Hawkins, Randall Huskamp, Mike Kubes, Ken Nater, Doug Nelson, Roger Fickbohm, Patt Seleen, Steve Scott, Dale Koniecki

The meeting was called to order at 6:31 pm – Diane


A moment of silence was held in recognition and thought of Rick Shoebottom.


The minutes from May 5, 2015 meeting were reviewed. One minor amendment was suggested and noted. Paul made a motion to accept the minutes with the suggested amendments. Edward seconded the motion. The motion was passed.

Committee Reports

Treasurers Report – Roger

Refer to Twin Cities Bicycling Treasurer Report – dated June, 2015.

We need someone to assume the role of master authority. A possible person was discussed and will be approached. Roger will be gone the month of June. June books will be closed prior to him leaving. George can sign in Roger’s absence. Tom Brix will handle check payments.

Tom Brix will collect cash at the Watermelon ride. Pat will handle the Square. Amounts for fees are preprogrammed in the Square. Any discrepancies will be recorded by Pat. Roger will no longer print the reports for the Board Meeting. These reports/information are archived as controlled records.

Membership Report – Diane

Refer to the June 1, 2015 report for detail. Broad trends/statistics were discussed.

Expired riders that are riding without paying membership, chronic offenders, need to be addressed. Fran will try to get the data from Michelle and send report to Pete or Katie and test if with a couple of Ride Leader’s to inform certain individuals to pay the $3 fee, join, or don’t ride.

Annual Meeting and Banquet

Still trying to identify a coordinator.

VIP Picnic

Final date has not been determined. (Needs to be moved from traditional day due to later August Board Meeting). We are considering having it in September. In the past it has always been on a Monday. Gina is investigating the possibilities of dates and exact location.

New Business

Ride Safety - Randall and Ken

Randall thanked everyone for their thoughts and concerns. He discussed his approach to group riding, which includes not providing a map so the riders ride together.

Thoughts on group riding is to make it safer. It is not a race.

50-60 % of accidents rides are bike to bike. Paul reported that the reporting frequency is going down. Accident surveys are not being completed (low compliance rate). These are helpful to determine cause and possibly prevent accidents.

In the past there had been a class on group riding. Communication regarding specifics, e.g., sprints, should be communicated in advance by the leader.


The Science Museum event is Thursday, June 4th. We have a table there. Kasey and Mike K will man the table. The event is June 4th. The target age range is 20-31 year-olds.

We have about 50% of the volunteers for North Star.

Will blast out to ride leaders to ask for volunteers.

Recognition Corner

Mike Kubes is taking over the function of “recognition”. This position has been held by Jeff Ramberg.


Newsletter- Doug Nelson

July issue needs to have an article about Rick and/or accident. The deadline is June 10th.


Over 40 people have volunteered for the ride. Some registrations have been received. The brochures will be out any day.

Next Meeting

August 11th at 6:30 pm at the Life Link Board Room

Adjourn Meeting – All

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by George H. Gina seconded the motion. The motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Next meeting August 11th (one week later).