Tuesday, April 7, 2015 6:30 PM
Life Link III Board Room

Attendance/Call to Order

Board Members Present:

Diane Ziemer, George Blank, Edward Eroe, Paul Frenz, George Hagemann, Kasey Kramer, Pete May, Gina McCrone, Fran Rabe

Board Members Absent


Non-Board Members Present

Mike Kubes, Doug Nelson, Roger Fickbohm, Steve Scott, Pete Hawkins, Dale Koniecki

The meeting was called to order at 6:33 pm – Diane


The minutes from March 10, 2015 meeting were reviewed. Two minor amendments was suggested and noted. George H. made a motion to accept the minutes with the suggested amendments. Gina seconded the motion. The motion was passed.

Committee Reports

Treasurers Report – Roger

Refer to Twin Cities Bicycling Treasurer Report – dated March 31, 2015

The advantages and disadvantages associated with credit card payment options were discussed. The Finance Committee should review the associated fees and various options and make a recommendation.

Roger will be out of town and Tom Brix will handle matters.

Membership Report – Diane

New members signed up at the Swap Meet. It was helpful to have a lap top at the meeting for new sign-ups. We should also have a lap-top at Watermelon Ride.

Refer to the April 1, 2015 report for detail. Broad trends/statistics were discussed.

Newsletter – Doug Nelson

Status quo.

Volunteer Activities – Diane

We really need volunteers for the Ironman. We will have a volunteer sign-up sheet at the Forum. We will ask Val to post on Face Book. We should also post on the Home Page.

Ironman needs some-one to stand at the railroad tracks. They want to cover the tracks with carpet and remove trains when come.

New Business

TCBC Rice Marshall & Volunteer Vests

The new vests have been designed. The club purchased fairly cheap the main cost will be to put the TCBC Logo on. The aboard approved the cost.

Ride Leader & Key Volunteer Recognition Awards

The board reviewed the number of rides led by each ride leader. In order to receive a ride leader gift the leader must lead 4 rides. There was discussion to raise the number of rides led to qualify for the ride leader gift. The Board decided not to make any changes at this point and will make sure to keep within budget for next year’s leader gifts.

Ride Leader Expenses – Pete Hawkins

Pete is proposing reimbursement of ride leaders using their home printer. We would require a log showing printing done on a personal printing. In this case we will reimburse 10 cents per copy. There is a limit of $50 per year. A policy will be generated by Pete H. and sent to Fran. Pete M. made a motion and Gina 2nd the motion.

TCBC Website Header/Banner – Steve Scott

Several options were reviewed related to their impact on subject matter on the page. Everyone agreed there should be a “TCBC” as long as we don’t change the banner size. Any size changes should be discussed with Website/Sponsorship committees’. We need to do a ghost site and do some testing to determine the impact of any changes.

Minnesota Bike Pedal 2015 Conference – Diane

May 4th and 5th. Diane will be a speaker there on a panel. She will be providing some stats related to the club, challenges related to managing the club. The conference is sponsored by the state of Minnesota. The aboard approved sending Steve Scott and Diane to attend the conference. Gina made a motion and George H. 2nd the motion. The motion passed.


Newsletter- Doug Nelson

The deadlines for the May newsletter are coming. Next newsletter is 20 pages.
Back page of Newsletter - We will try to get some photos of some of the members wearing their new jerseys at Doug’s upcoming Saturday ride leaving from Snail Lake.

Ride Leader Training/Forum Update – Pete Hawkins

To submit a ride will be locked up starting April 15th. This will prevent non-members (non leaders) being able to submit a ride. You will need to sign-in to submit a ride. A leader can opt out of leader discussions but cannot opt out of official notices.


April 26

All Club Ride

May 23


We had our first meeting. The kids rodeo, we are suggesting, will no longer be done. We will still give out medals and do helmet fitting.

Next Meeting

May 5th at 6:30 pm at the Life Link Board Room

Adjourn Meeting – All

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by George H. at 8:50. The motion was seconded by Gina. The motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.