Tuesday, December 2, 2014 6:30 PM

Roseville Board Room

Attendance/Call to Order

Board Members Present:

Diane Ziemer, George Blank, Paul Frenz, Kasey Kramer, Pete May, Gina McCrone, Fran Rabe

Board Members Absent: George Hagemann

Non- Board Members Present

Ed Eroe, Pete Hawkins, Mike Kubes, Doug Nelson, Steve Scott, Patt Seleen

The meeting is called to order at 6:32 pm – Diane


The minutes from November 7, 2014 were reviewed. Minor amendments were suggested and noted. Pete made a motion to accept the minutes with the suggested amendments. Gina seconded the motion. The motion was passed.

Committee Reports

Treasurers Report – Roger Fickbohm.

No report due to Roger’s absence and the lack of material to review.

Membership Report; Report Dated November 1 and December 1, 2014 - Diane

Refer to the reports for detail. Broad trends/statistics were discussed.

The Board plans on doing additional number crunching now that we have the data from Membership.

Consent for notice of annual meetings. We need some kind of language on renewal or join applications as it relates to this. This was a motion, which was approved, at the September Board Meeting. Diane and Fran will work with Membership in getting this change. The data shows the planned rides have decreased steadily in the last 2-3 years. These data will be further evaluated and the information will be disseminated to the Board.

E-rides and their unique features were briefly discussed based on a question from a guest participant. Mileage credit is not received and insurance does not cover the ride.

All Club Memorial Ride – Gina/Fran

Gina is the lead for this project with Fran contributing as well. Mary Derks and Scott Larson have volunteered to assist as well. Rich Valley Park, City Park in Inver Grove Heights has been reserved. Plenty of parking is available at the facility and no major sporting activities will occur on the scheduled date. The contract to secure the park will be available for signing after January, 2015. The contract will include use of the restroom building and a small covered picnic area. The restrooms will be locked after the start of the ride. Port-a-Potties or rest stop restrooms will be available after the ride. Routes are yet to be determined.

Operating Reserve Policy

George Hagemann provided information on an operating reserve policy. He was unable to attend the Board Meeting for the Board to discuss further details.

Jersey Committee Report – Patt

Several meetings have convened. The plan is to have jerseys available by the All Club Ride. A fabric sample was provided for the Board to see/feel. The jersey will be a full zipper at a cost of roughly $60-70. Shorts will be between $55-75 and bibs will be between $75-80. Four (4) vendors were evaluated. Podium Wear was selected by the committee, as TCBC has previous positive experience with them. An on-line store will be established. The shipping fee for merchandise will be $9/order or shipment (details yet to be determined). We will have one big order and then will have store access later. This approach will avoid the need for TCBC maintaining an inventory and the associated expenditures. TCBC will have the ability to track orders. A link to the on-line store will be available on the TCBC web site. Sizes for testing fit will be available for members at the banquet and at sponsor bike shops. Final costs should be available in January, 2015.

The final potential designs were displayed for the attendees to vote on their preferences. A selection was made. A design was selected with the orange color scheme. Some felt that the orange was too bold for some woman so Steve Scott was going to provide samples with a couple of other color variations so there would be 2 different color schemes but basically the same design.

Open Board Position

The Board was introduced to Edward Eroe possible candidate to fill the vacant board position. Board Members wanted another day to review Edward’s bio before voting. The board decided to vote with a signed consent resolution via email. Paul will draft one, which Diane will disseminate via e-mail to the Board members. Once signed, the consents shall be returned to Diane for further action.

2015-2016 Calendar

March meeting will be March 10th due to several members’ absences.

Refer to calendar for other event dates.

Ride Key Committee – Pete H.

The committee has convened 3 meetings. One final meeting will be held. The recommendations will include, but not be limited to, revision of the ride key. We evaluated 12-14 bike club keys. The current plan follows: A remains the same. A/B will be 15-17. B will be 13-15. B/C will be 11-13. C will be 9-11. B night ride 12-14. C night ride will be 8-10. The requirement for the B Leader to ride at the back of the ride has been dropped as well as the requirement for the leaders to fix flats.

Ride leaders will be asked to provide a more detailed description, which will enable members to select rides on a more informed basis. A check list will be available on line for the leaders to use for generating the ride description. This will ensure an increased standardized ride description that provides the sufficient detail for riders to select rides. During the rider Forum, suggestions on how to assure a culture of cohesive group riding will be provided.

Note: The above information has not been finalized or formally presented to the Board. Final recommendations will be provided to the Board in January, 2015, at the conclusion of the committee’s task(s).

Ride Leader Training – Pete H.

Saturday, January 24th will be first Leader Training. Trainers will be trained at this session. Two additional trainings will be held: One in February and one in March.

Ride Leader Forum

Will be held on Wednesday, April 8, 2015. The location has not yet been determined.

Awards Banquet – Diane

February 7, 2015

Have had one meeting and have developed a theme.

Gina and Fran are working on ride-leader gifts.

Volunteer Activities - Mike Kubes

Need new event planner.

Need volunteer for Ironman tent. Ironman wants more TCBC route volunteers (e.g. stand by rail road tracks).

We need a new tent.

Other Business

Fee Policy

Paul will revise the language related to the policy for minor guest fees.

TCBC Trademark

The ability and interest to trademark TCBC was discussed. The Board stated this has been previously discussed and it has been decided it was not necessary.

Newsletter – Doug Nelson

The next Newsletter deadline is Tuesday, December 9th. (Jan/Feb issue). The back page of the newsletter will be used to publicize the Awards Banquet.

Advertising with Minnesota Parks and Trails Magazine

The question regarding advertising with the magazine was discussed (e.g., the Watermelon Ride). While we do not know the exact cost, it is under $200 per ad. Pete M. made a motion to run two ads which would not exceed $500. George B. made a second motion. The motion passed.

Adjourn Meeting – All

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by George B. The motion was seconded by Fran. The motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 8:52 pm

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