TCBC Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday November 7,2014

Roseville Library Board Room

Attendance/Call to Order

Board Members Present:  Diane Ziemer, Gina McCrone, Paul Frenz, Kasey Kramer, Fran Rabe, Pete May

Board Members Absent:  George Blank, George Hagemann

Non-Board Members Present:  Doug Nelson, Steve Scott, Pete Hawkins, Ed Hassler, Rob Welsh, Mike Kubes, Roger Fickbohm

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm per Diane Ziemer

The minutes from the October 7,2014 board meeting were reviewed. Minor amendments were made. Paul Frenz made a motion to accept the minutes with the amendments. Gina McCrone seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Treasurer Report: Roger Fickbohm

Roger reviewed all reports: balance sheet, profit and loss by class, profit and loss, detailed transaction report, and reconciliation report. New process started Nov 1 to save all support documents in QB(quickbooks).

Membership Report: Diane

New data presented on spreadsheet. Renewals are listed separately along with non-renewals for the month. Membership was up for the month of October. Also the membership report will be discussed a month later starting in December. ie November data report will be discussed in Dec. so the board will have ample time to analyze the report. Question for membership-how does a person opt out of the newsletter but still get their membership card? The membership card is on the mailer!

Fee Policy: Pete May

On regularly scheduled TCBC rides, children under 18 yrs old riding rides with a member or non-member(paying the $3) parent or guardian ride for free.

A motion was made to approve the fee policy for children. Pete May accepted the motion and Fran Rabe seconded the motion. The motion was approved by the board.

TCBC Annual Meeting Notes 2014: Gina McCrone

Annual meeting notes were presented. Notes will be posted, pending approval at next years(2015)annual meeting.

Possible New Venue for Memorial All Club Ride: Fran Rabe

Several ideas were discussed. South metro has the least amount of rides scheduled. Nice area to explore. New committee formed to look at Rich Valley Park-Gina McCrone, Fran Rabe, Diane Ziemer. Routes will include 25, 45 and 65 mile routes.

Volunteer Update: Mike Kubes

Mike suggested we (TCBC) purchase ride marshal jackets for events such as ironman and St Paul classic. Nice way to advertise for TCBC at other events. Free bike4kids still need volunteers through the month of December. TCBC tent may be on its last leg. Mike will check at replacement cost and present at next board meeting.

Ride Key Committee Update: Pete Hawkins

Pete stated the committee has meet with 10 volunteers. Minor changes will be made to ride key and will be presented at the spring ride leader forum and new ride leader training. Update will be at next board meeting. Also new policy for outreach rides will be coming soon. ie no safety briefing prior to ride start and sign up sheet will possibly be on line sign up. This will alleviate the ride leader from starting the ride too late. A non-compete policy for outreach rides starting in same area as regular TCBC rides also being looked at.

Election of TCBC Officers:

President: Diane Ziemer

VP: Gina McCrone

Secretary: Fran Rabe

Treasurer: Roger Fickbohm


Newsletter:  Doug Nelson

Starting Jan/Feb newsletter the ride description will be decreased. Will drop Boulder Options on front of newsletter and replace with Spokes. Doug is encouraging more stories about local bike shops and recaps of weekly rides.

Upcoming Events:

Awards recognition Banquet February 7, 2015

Next Board Meeting December 2, 2014 Roseville Library

Adjourn Meeting-All

Pete May moved to adjourn the meeting. Kasey Kramer seconded the motion. The motion was passed. The meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm.

Minutes by gina mccrone