Minutes of the Twin Cities Bicycling Club Annual Meeting

November 2, 2014

Held at Advent Lutheran Church, Maple Grove, MN

Recorder: Gina McCrone


Roll Call and Proof of Notice of Meeting

TCBC President, Diane Ziemer called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. A 5% quorum was met with approximately 180 members present. Diane presented the meeting notification postcard as proof of the notice of the meeting.

Introduction of Directors

Diane Ziemer introduced the 2014 TCBC board members: Gina McCrone, Paul Frenz, Fran Rabe, Pete May, Patt Seleen, Gary Stang, George Hagemann (absent) and Michele Brougher (resigned).

Reading of Minutes of the November 3, 2013 annual meeting

The annual meeting minutes from 2013 were displayed on the overhead monitor for review.  Gina McCrone asked if anyone had any changes or comments.  There were none. Gina McCrone then asked for approval of the minutes. A motion was made and Mary Beth Schmidt approved and seconded by Alex DeVeyra and they were unanimously approved.

Reports of Officers

2014 in Review

Diane Ziemer reviewed some highlights. A balanced budget, Celebrated 801,000 miles at the Recognition Banquet, new website conversion and new ISP provider, automated ride sheet uploads directly to calendar, new volunteer coordinator announced, 17 new ride leaders trained, 162 leaders attended the ride leader forum, offered new members ride, huge attendance at the All Club rides and Halloween ride, and sponsor at the North Star Bicycle Festival and St. Paul bike classic.

Changes and Updates 2013-2014

TCBC Document Retention Policy updated 2013, new ride policy for non-members implemented 2014, membership refund policy adopted 2014, and newsletter changes from 10 to 8 printed newsletter per year.

2014 Charitable Contributions by TCBC

Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota, Cycles for Change, Express Bike Shop, Gateway Brown Creek Trail Association, League of American Bicyclists, Midtown Greenway Coalition, Parks and Trail Council of Minnesota, Spokes and Transit for Livable Communities.

2014-2015 Priorities

Conduct ride leader survey, New TCBC jersey (Patt Seleen Chairperson) , ride key review(Pete Hawkins Chairperson) and changes to the newsletter(10 decreased to 8 per year and long description discontinued).

Financial Report

Gary Stang presented the financial statements for the fiscal year-ended October 2014. He reviewed the Profit and Loss by Class (profit) and Profit and Loss by class (expenses). We had a balanced budget for the year. The budget was also reviewed for 2015. A motion was made by Mary Beth Schmidt and seconded by Clareyse Nelson to approve the budget. Gary also introduced Roger Fickbohm as TCBC treasurer.

Reports of Committees


Pete May presented a summary of the membership statistics. Membership has dropped approximately 5% every year since 2011. Pete also reviewed the “online” functionality of the TCBC website. Pete also thanked the membership committee, Mary Derks, Scott Larson and Kristi Linder, for all their hard work over the past year.


Ginny Halloran updated the members on sponsorship. She reviewed sponsor revenue for the year. She also add we have lost 2 previous sponsors last year but have added a new one. The goal next year is to add another 1-2 new sponsors and they are also looking for new committee members next year. She also encouraged members to patronize the sponsor’s shops and lead rides from their stores. She also thanked the committee members for all their work over the past year.


Michele Brougher presented the updates on technology. The old ISP address was “blacklisted” so a new was bought asap last year. There is no cost to the software as TCBC owns it now and manages the software. A new Forum was upgraded thanks to Kate Kovar. All changes to the homepage are scheduled and automated which helps reduce the man hours in the past by Jim Pederson. Many thanks to the technology team especially Kate Kovar and Jim Pederson.


Paul Frenz Presented the safety report. Paul reviewed the TCBC safety card and encouraged all leaders to use and read it before each ride. Reported accidents have been down for each of the last five years. There were twelve reported accidents during the year ending October 31,2014.

Volunteer Committee and Bike U Report

Mike Kubes presented the volunteer report. Mike listed all the volunteer teams and committees.  He also reviewed the 2015 activities and events for next year that will be looking for volunteers.  He is also working with John Ford and the Bike U meetings for next year.

Newsletter Report

Doug Nelson thanked everyone who has contributed to the newsletter by writing articles. He also thanked Steve Scott(artistic director) for all his hard work and dedication to TCBC. Doug also encouraged members to write new articles for the newsletter.

Ride Key Committee

Pete Hawkins presented the committee for the new ride key. He also stated there will be minor changes to the ride key starting next spring. Ride leader training will have some new changes also next spring. There will be 4 classes with a group of approx. 8 people in each with various instructors. Each class will be 3.5 hrs in length versus an all day Saturday class.

Election of Directors

Gary Stang announced the slate of nominees: George Blank. Paul Frenz (incumbent), Kasey Kramer, Pete May(incumbent), and Dian Ziemer (incumbent). Gary asked if there are any nominations from the floor. None were noted. Gary than asked for a motion for the above mentioned nominees. A motion was made by Jarrod Elston and seconded by Walter Griffin and was unanimously approved.


-Diane Ziemer thanked the out going board members: Patt Seleen, Gary Stang and Michele Brougher.

-The Recognition Banquet is Saturday February 7, 2015

-Remember to Opt-in for your mileage award medal


A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Kathleen Lepp and seconded by Dale Koniecki. The meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm