Tuesday, October 7, 2014 6:30 PM

Roseville Board Room

Attendance/Call to Order

Board Members Present:

Diane Ziemer, Paul Frenz, Pete May, Fran Rabe, Patt Seleen, Gary Stang,

Board Members Absent: George Hagemann, Gina McCrone

Non- Board Members Present

George Blank, Roger Fickbohm, John Ford, Pete Hawkins, Dale Koniecki,  Mike Kubes, Doug Nelson, Jim Pederson, Gina Sapia, Steve Scott

The meeting is called to order at 6:30 pm – Diane


The minutes from September 2, 2014 were reviewed.  Minor amendments were suggested and noted.  Patt made a motion to accept the minutes with the suggested amendments.  Pete seconded the motion.  The motion was passed.


Treasurers Report – Roger Fickbohm.  See report of October 4, 2014 for detail.

Roger suggested we move towards electronic reports versus paper versions.  Everything can be maintained electronically and allows a complete traceability and reconciliation.  It is all backed up in QuickBooks.  Gina confirmed this practice is considered industry standard. The plan would be to upload reports to Alfresco.  We should have our own back-up file in our own possession.  Gina and Roger will investigate the process and method. 

Motion: Patt made a motion to do all paper transactions on QuickBooks for support documents attached to financial records in QuickBooks and to back up annually.  The new process will start in the next fiscal year.  Pete seconded the motion. The motion was passed.

In the last year the Board has done an excellent job at achieving a balanced budget.

Gary will present the finances at the Annual Meeting.

Motion:  A motion was made by Pete to accept The 2015 Budget.  Gary seconded it.  The motion was passed.

Review of Books – Gina Sapia

The review period included in review included fiscal year to date (October 1, 2013 to Sept 30, 2014).  Every things looks good.  Looked at bank activity and books.  Recommendation by Gina:  A Board Member should review the Bank Statement monthly.  Roger agrees.   The Board agreed that would be a good practice to implement.

Recommendation by Gina: A reserve account should be set up.  It would be a separate savings account for those funds.  (It could be designated with the title Operating Reserve).  We need to determine the amount of funds that should go into the reserve account.  We will table further discussion until George Hagemann can participate in the discussion.  The Board would need to approve movement of funds from the Operating Reserve to the general check account.

Membership Report provided by Membership Committee – Dated October 1, 2014

Refer to the report for detail.

Looking at the data we would like to know who is not renewing.  We get this information from the Membership Committee?

Ride Sheets and non-members

-       We would like to know the total non-member participation for 2014 versus 2013.   We will pursue obtaining this information and other pertinent data after the close of the current fiscal year.

Consent for notice of annual meetings.  We need some kind of language on application as it relates to this.  This was a motion, which was approved, at the last meeting.  Diane will work with Membership in getting this change.

Sponsorship Report – Patt

A meeting was recently convened.  Thanks to Kate and Steve and the committee, the Media Kit has been updated.  (It was provided to all board members by e-mail.)  Sponsors will be contacted by the end of November. We will contact our Event Sponsors that have advertised with the club to see if they would like to have a presence at the banquet. 

Autumn Trek Ride

A leader scheduled a ride during a Sponsors ride at the same location.  We need to have a policy that would prevent leaders from scheduling competing rides.  In addition, we should shore-up our ride scheduling systems that would ensure conflicting rides could not be scheduled.  These changes should be implemented prior to the 2015 ride year. 

Jersey Committee Report – Patt

We have had 2 meetings.  Next meeting we will have more to report.  We are looking to have a jersey in hand by the All Club Ride. 

Initial criteria

-       A jersey that will be the club jersey for years

-       Visible colors

-       Full open zipper

-       Breathable material

-       Non-snag material

-       Race and club fits

-       Reglan sleeves for women

-       TCBC logo on front sleeve

-       TCBC on front and back

-       Smaller lettering for Twin Cities Bike Club

-       No sponsor logos

Continue, Jersey Report

  • Some of these ideas are carry-over from the previous committee.
  • The committee has had contact with 5 vendors and it is down to 3. 
  • We hope to have something available by the banquet. Members would be able to try-on different sizes.

Bike U – John Ford

John had questions regarding the process for providing gift certificates for guest speakers.  Pete May responded that we have generally had a policy that we do not pay members or provided gifts for presentations.

There is a budget for facilities, refreshments and a honorarium for non-members.

It was agreed that Bike U’s should be from shops that are our sponsors.  The topic of bike commuting was suggested.  How can we include the topic of ethnic diversity?  Other suggested topics are: Injury Prevention, Quality Bike, Parks and Trails, Bike Touring, Fix a Flat. John suggested a site related exclusively to Bike-U on the web page.  John and Jim will work together on this.

A Newsletter article, how to work with a bike shop, was suggested.

E and Computer Bikes - Dale Koniecki

Dale suggested the Board consider how e bikes and computer bikes may be incorporated into the bike club.  Pete Hawkins reported that his committee is gaging member interest in e-bikes and computer bikes.  The committee findings will be presented to the Board.


Halloween Ride – A suggestion was made that there should also be a shorter route.  We will update the web site to more accurately reflect the actual mileage.    Pete Hawkins will look at it.  The ride category will be change it to a Special Ride.

Charitable Contributions

Patt suggested Spokes be considered as a recipient of the charitable donations. Patt provided a summary of their mission and accomplishments. They are located in Minneapolis.

Watermelon 2014 and 2015 - Doug Nelson

Watermelon for 2015 will again utilize the Snail Lake Pavilion for 2 days.  The charge is the same as 2014.  We will also use the same starting location, (Incarnation Lutheran Church in Shoreview), as they have ample space.   We plan to pay for 1-2 ads in the Parks and Trails to advertise for the event.

Annual Meeting Prep

Focus for 2015: Jersey, ride leader survey (for reduced number of rides), review of the ride key, changes to the Newsletter,

2014 in review- balanced budget.  Stable membership.

Accidents – People are not completing the survey.  This info is helpful to have.

Volunteer Activities - Mike Kubes

Last year Bikes for Kids provided 5000 bikes for kids.  They will provide us sufficient notice for us to promote the event in our Newsletter.

Next year we should expand outreach to Open Streets to have a booth or other TCBC information.

Annual Meeting - Diane

We currently have 80 people that have registered to attend.  Will do a blast e-mail the Friday before the deadline to register.

Newsletter – Doug Nelson

The next Newsletter deadline is 10/9.

Adjourn Meeting - All

Paul moved to adjourn the meeting.  Gary 2nd the motion.  The motion was passed.  The Meeting was adjourned at 9:48.

Minutes version 10/14/14 by FR